Dr. Andy W. C. Lee

Professor Emeritus

Andy LeeEmail: alee@clemson.edu

Ph.D. Auburn University, Wood Products Engineering - 1978
M.S. Auburn University, Forest Products - 1973
B.S. National Taiwan University, Forestry - 1968

Research interest:
My research interests center upon: 1. Properties and problems related to fire-retardant-treated (FRT) wood products 2. Physical and mechanical properties of pine and hardwoods cement-excelsior boards 3. Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) preservation of southern pine wood and plywood 4. Structural properties of wood composite I-beams 5. Building products (oriented strandboard, laminated bamboo lumber, and bamboo-reinforced OSB beam) made form bamboo grown in the U.S.A. 6. Mechanical properties and creep behavior of parallel strand lumber (PSL) 7. Effect of fire retardant treatment on strength properties of southern pine lumber

A.W.C. Lee and Y. Liu. 2007. Bending Creep of small samples from parallel strand lumber. Forest Products Journal 57(9):73-78.
Greco, C.M., A.W.C. Lee, D. Ham, T. Smiley, and E.H. Law. 2004. A computer simulation of an alternative design to tree crown support systems. Journal of Arboriculture 30(6): 365-369
Liu, Y. and A.W.C. Lee. 2003. Selected properties of parallel strand lumber made from southern pine and yellow-poplar. Holzforschung / Vol. 57/2003/No.2: 207-212.
Chao, W.Y. and A.W.C. Lee. 2003. Properties of southern pine wood impregnated with styrene. Holzforschung /Vol. 57/2003/No.3: 333-336.
Lee, A.W.C. and Y. Liu. 2003. Properties of commercial bamboo flooring. Forest Products Journal 53(6):23-26.
Connolly, S.M., J.A. Marcondes, T.G. Weigel, and A.W.C. Lee. 2003. A comparison of the performance tests used for furniture packaging. ASTM International, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Paper ID JTE11442-313).

Professional society activity:
Member of Forest Products Society: 1971 - current
Chair of Forest Products Society, Carolinas-Chesapeake Section: 1988-1989
Chair-elect/ Secretary of Forest Products Society, Carolinas-Chesapeake Section: 1987-1988
Treasurer of Forest Products Society, Carolinas-Chesapeake Section: 1986-1987

Honors and awards:
Brought in a total of $110,000 outside research gifts from January 2005 to June 2008.

Spring - FOR 419, 441, 447, 641, 707, 891, 991
Summer 1 - FOR 254, 447, 707, 807, 891, 991
Summer 2 - FOR 891, 991
Fall - FOR 491, 492, 419, 442, 447, 642, 707, 807, 891, 991