Juan Carlos Melgar

Assistant Professor

Email: jmelgar@clemson.edu

School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. Crop Production and Protection, 2006, University of Cordoba, Spain
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 2000, University of Cordoba, Spain

Research and extension in the areas of pomology

Research interest:
My research goals are to solve problems in fruit tree growing that can have significant economic, social and environmental impacts. I am also committed to inspire and encourage students to go beyond where they are by stimulating their interest and critical thinking.

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Professional society activity:
American Society for Horticultural Science, since 2007. Currently, member of the Graduate Student Activities Committee.

Subtropical Agriculture and Environments, since 2011. President 2013-2014. Currently, section director (Soil, Water Management and Climate) 2014-2015.

Honors and awards:
Junior Faculty Research Award. 2014. Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences. Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Best Citrus Publication Florida State Horticultural Society Annual Meeting. 2007.

Extraordinary Ph.D. Award 2006-2007. University of Cordoba, Spain.