Dara M. Park

Assistant Professor, Turfgrass, Soil & Water Quality

parkEmail: darap@clemson.edu
Office: 843.319.4957

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

273 Poole and Agricultural Sciences Building
Clemson, SC 29634-0139

Ph. D., Soil & Water Science Nutrient Management, University of Florida
M.S., Biology, Environmental Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
B.S., Biology, Animal Science, Florida Atlantic University

Research in soil and water as they relate to the management of turfgrass systems.
Research that will ultimately result in irrigation and fertilizer recommendations for specific turfgrasses grown in the principal soils of South Carolina.

Research interest:
Soil & Water Quality and Quality in Turfgrass Systems. Water research that encompasses both water quality and quantity issues, including causes and alleviation of soil water repellance in sand based putting green and fairways, the use of surfactants to reduce water use, management of alternative irrigation sources, and determining evapotranspiration models and crop coefficients for turfgrasses not maintained under well watered conditions. Research of soil quality of Aquods for use as soil media for turfgrasses, investigating efficacy and leaching potentials of experimental nitrogen fertilizers, and nitrogen leaching under the alternative irrigation systems and sources.

Park, D. M. and J.L. Cisar. 2007. Using Spectral Reflectance to Document Water Stress in Bermudagrass Grown on Water Repellant Sand Soils. Hydro. Process. 21:2385-2389.

Erickson, J.E., J.L. Cisar, G.H. Snyder, J.C. Volin, and D. M. Park. 2005. Phosphorus and Potassium Leaching Under Contrasting Residential Landscapes Established on a Sandy Soil. Crop Science. 45:546 - 552.

Park, D.M., J.L. Cisar, G.H. Snyder, and K.E. Williams. 2004. Alleviation of Soil Water Repellency in Sand Based Bermudagrass Turf in South Florida. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 661:111 - 115.

Datnoff, L., Cisar, J., Rutherford, B., Wiliams, K., Park, D. 2004. Effect of Fungicides for Curatively Suppressing Pythium Blight Development on Poa trivialis, 2003. Online. Fungi. Nematicide Tests 59:T039. DOI:12.1094/FN59.

Datnoff, L., Cisar, J., Rutherford, B., Williams, K., Park, D. 2003. Effect of Riverdale Magellan and Chipco Signature on Pythium Blight Development on Lolium perenne, 2001-2002. Online. Fungi. Nematicide Tests 58:T041. DOI:10.1094/FN58.

Snyder, G.H., J.L. Cisar, and D.M. Park. 2007. Warm-Season Turfgrass Physiological Responses to Fertilization. In Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology. pp 47-55.

Park, D.M., J.L. Cisar, G.H. Snyder, and K.E. Williams. 200_. Influence of Landscape and Percolation on P and K Losses over Four years. Accepted. In The Fate of Turfgrass Nutrients and Plant Protection Chemicals in the Urban Landscape. ACS Symposium Series 997. Oxford University Press. In press.

McCarty, L.B. and D.M. Park. 200_. Irrigation. In Best Gold Course Management Practices. Prentice Hall. Accepted.

Professional society activity:
Crop Science Society of America
Soil Science Society of America
Agronomy Society of America
International Turfgrass Society
Gamma Sigma Delta
South Carolina Turfgrass Foundation
South Carolina Sod Producers Association
Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association

Honors and awards:
2005 - Institute of Food and Agricultural Services Travel Grant
2005 - University of Florida Graduate Student Council Travel Grant
2005 - Korf Endowment, Florida State Golf Association
2004 - Institute of Food and Agricultural Services Travel Superior Accomplishment Award
2004 - Korf Endowment, Florida State Golf Association