Dr. Christopher J. Post

Associate Professor of Environmental Information Science

Christopher PostEmail: cpost@clemson.edu
Office: (864)656-6939

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. Cornell University, Environmental Information Science - 2001
M.S. Cornell University, Crop Science - 1995
B.S. Reed College, Biology - 1990

Research interest:
Research Areas Include: 1. Environmental Sensor Networks 2. Geographic Information Systems (http://gis.clemson.edu) 3. Remote Sensing

Goddard, M.A., Mikhailova, E.A., C.J. Post., and M.A. Schlautman. 2007. Atmospheric Mg2+ deposition in relation to soil inorganic carbon sequestration. Tellus. 59B(1):50-56.
Keydoszius, J., Cox, K., Haque, M., Mikhailova, E., Post, C., Stringer, B., and M. Schlautman. 2007. Historical land use and soil analysis guiding corridor landscape design. Urban Ecosystems. 10:53-72
Murphy, M.A., and C.J. Post. 2006. A state machine sensor network for ephemeral stream detection. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.2(3):191-199.
Phillips, S.L., T.J. Straka, C.J. Post, and T.O. Adams. 2006. Decision support systems for forest management: A financial analysis for South Carolina's state forests. Forest Products Journal 56(5):17-23.

Professional society activity:
American Geophysical Union
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Honors and awards:
Awards: 2005 Prince Award for Innovation in Teaching. Clemson University.

FOR 434/634
FOR 816
FOR 893