Dr. Soung-Ryoul Ryu

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Soung Ryoul RyuEmail: soungrr@clemson.edu
Office: 864-656-4860

Department Forestry and Natural Resources

Ph.D. University of Toledo, Biology (Ecology track) - 2005
M.S. Korea University (Seoul), Forest Genetics and Forest Ecology - 1999
B.S. Korea University (Seoul), Forest Resources, 1997

Research interest:
The central theme of my research addresses effects of disturbances on processes in forest ecosystems over various spatial and temporal scales. My current research interest is to evaluate and quantify the effects of disturbance on the ecological processes in forest ecosystems, and my specific questions are (1) how can ecologists provide sound information to the land managers and policy maker to establish sustainable ecosystem management, (2) how will urban landuse change over time and what will be the effect on the surrounding ecosystems, (3) how can the biogeochemical knowledge acquired from a stand level be extrapolated to the landscape level, and (4) will natural ecosystems with different ecosystem legacy respond the same to a disturbance.

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Ryu, S., J. Chen, and J. La Croix. 2007 . Relating surface fire spread to landscape structure: an application of FARSTITE in a managed forest landscape. Landscape and Urban Planning 83: 275-283.
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