Dr. Victor B. Shelburne

Professor Emeritus, Forest Ecology/Tree Physiology/Landscape Ecology

Victor ShelburneEmail: vshlbrn@clemson.edu
Office: 864-656-4855

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Scienceses

Ph.D. Clemson University, Forestry - 1988
M.F. Duke University, Forestry - 1975
B.S. Duke University, Botany - 1974

Research interest:
Over my 30 year career I have done research on site/stand relationships of southern pine beetle, acid rain/ozone effects on forest ecosystems, and the effects of prescribed fire on soils. Over the past 14 years, my research has focused on the development of reliable and field-worthy ecosystem classifications and their application in forest management. This last area is tied to the sustainable environment and restoration emphasis areas. Specifically, our research over the past five years on the Jocassee Gorges has allowed us to develop a landscape ecosystem classification methodology that captures the community types of most of the land area. Overall, it provides an excellent basis for evaluating the potential for restoring the original vegetation types by utilizing silvicultural methods. So we are not only developing a data set that will help to sustain the flow of goods and services from the Jocassee Gorges but likewise determine the course to restore it to its original vegetation. The research on the effects of prescribed fire and thinning on the piedmont soil resource lends itself to sustaining the productivity of forest soils. Major funders of my current research are USDA Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources (CARA –Conservation and Reinvestment Act funding), and the South Carolina Forestry Commisision (USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Grants). In the public service area, I maintain the South Carolina Champion Tree website and coordinate the location, measurement, and certification of the State’s Champion Trees (www.clemson.edu/champtree).

Wagner, L.K. , U. Yilmaz, V.B. Shelburne, J. A. Waldvogel, amd M.T. Haque.2005. The Nature of Clemson: A Field Guide to the Natural History of Clemson University. Clemson University Digital Press. Clemson, SC. 92 pp.
Abella, S. R. and V. B. Shelburne. 2004. Ecological species groups of South Carolina’s Jocassee Gorges, southern Appalachian Mountains. Journal of Torr. Bot. Soc. 131(3):220-231.
Abella, S. R., L. R. Gering and V. B. Shelburne. 2004. Slope Correction of Plot Dimensions for Vegetative Sampling in Mountainous Terrain. Natural Areas Journal. 24(4): 358-360.
Abella, S. R. and V. B. Shelburne. 2003. Eastern White Pine Establishment in the Oak Landscape of the Ellicott Rock Wilderness, Southern Appalachian Mountains. Castanea 68(3):201-210.

Professional society activity:
Member, Society of American Foresters - 1976-Present
Keowee Chapter Chair-elect 2006
Chair of Natural Areas Committee of the South Carolina Division SAF 2003- Present
Editor of Ozark Reporter, quarterly publication of the Ozark Section of SAF. October 1978 - December 1979.
Registered Forester #1243, South Carolina:1992-Present
Certified Forester #2453, Society of American Foresters: 2003
Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society) - 1991-Present
President Elect and Banquet Chair (Clemson Chapter) 1996-97, President 1997-98, Past President 1998-99). Chapter was one of 10 chapters (nationwide out of more than 500) to receive Outstanding Chapter Award during my tenure as President.
Xi Sigma Pi - Forestry Honor Society - 1992
Phi Kappa Phi - 1988
Gamma Sigma Delta - Agriculture Honor Society – 1987

Honors and awards:
One of four Finalists for the 2003, 2004, 2005 Class of 1939 Award
Clemson University Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence 2003
South Carolina Wildlife Federation Communications 2005 Award for co-authorship of “The Nature of Clemson: A Field Guide to the Natural History of Clemson University"
Clemson University Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence 2005
Visions for Youth Community Service Faculty Award, College of Forest and Recreation Resources ­1993
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award - 1987 - presented to Clemson University employee with outstanding community service record
Outstanding Professional Employee, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Clemson University - 1987

FOR 205 Dendrology
FOR 221 Forest Biology
FOR 251 Forest Communities
FOR 805 Forest Landscape Ecosystems
ENR 302 Natural Resources Measurements
FOR 893 Special Topics –Woody Plant Winter ID