Horace Skipper

Professor Emeritus, Soil Microbiology

Skip SkipperEmail: skipper@clemson.edu

Oregon State University 1969 Ph.D. Soil Biochemistry
Oregon State University 1966 M.S. Weed Science
N. C. State University 1964 B.S. Plant Protection

Instructor for courses on Beneficial Soil Organisms in Plant Growth
International project with faculty from Egerton College in Kenya, Africa

Research interest:
Research emphasized enhancement of plant growth through selection of superior plant host : rhizobacteria : bradyrhizobia : mycorrhizal fungi combinations. Research involved rhizosphere biology/ecology of rhizobacteria on bentgrass, bradyrhizobia, field tracking of genetically engineered microorganisms, and survival of rhizobacteria for biocontrol of weeds. Pesticide research emphasized enhanced biodegradation of carbamothioate herbicides and carbamate insecticides via field, growth chamber, and laboratory studies with delineation of microbial: pesticide interactions.