Pawel Wiatrak

Assistant Professor, Corn & Soybean Agronomic Production

Pawel WiatrakEmail:
Office: 803-284-3343 ext. 261
Cell: 803-300-7904

Entomology, Soils & Plant Sciences

Edisto Research & Education Center
64 Research Rd., Blackville, SC 29817

Ph.D., Agronomy - University of Florida, FL / Agricultural University, Poznan, Poland
M.S., Agronomy - Agricultural University, Poznan, Poland

Dr. Wiatrak's extension programs include improving soil and plant management practices to increase crop yields, quality, and profitability while preserving soil environmental quality, and also utilizing appropriate technology transfer to inform clientele.
Research projects focus on developing a site-specific nitrogen application for corn in relation to soil variability, and improving soybean and corn production practices in the area of crop management, conservation tillage, cropping systems, economic viability, and soil environmental health. Current projects include research on increasing nitrogen efficiency in corn under different soil electrical conductivity (EC) zones, evaluation of planting date and seeding rate on soybeans, and other research to improve crop yields and quality under dryland conditions.

Research interest:
Corn and soybean production, conservation tillage, cropping systems, and soil management and fertility.


Additional Information: ASSISTANTSHIPS: M.S. and Ph.D. assistantships are available to conduct research with Dr. Pawel Wiatrak on either 1) Using optical sensing technology to evaluate algorithm for sidedress nitrogen application in corn under different soil electrical conductivity (EC) zones or 2) Evaluation the detrimental effect of late planting on soybean in South Carolina. The research will be conducted at Edisto Research and Education Center, near Blackville, SC. Interested applicants need to send a CV, summary statement of experience, research interests, and career goals, and names of 2-3 references to Dr. Pawel Wiatrak. Candidates will also be required to formally apply and be accepted by the Clemson University Graduate School Please send all requested materials preferably by e-mail to Dr. Pawel Wiatrak (, Department of Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences, Clemson University, Edisto Research and Education Center, 64 Research Rd., Blackville, SC 29817; Phone: 803-284-3343 ext. 261. For more information about corn and soybeans please visit and