Dr. Greg Yarrow

Chair, Division of Natural Resources
Professor, Wildlife Ecology

greg3Email: gyarrow@clemson.edu
Office: (864) 656-7370

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

D.F. (Doctor of Forest Wildlife Ecology) Stephen F. Austin State University, Forest Wildlife Ecology - 1987
M.S. Mississippi State University, Wildlife Ecology - 1979
B.S. University of Southern Mississippi, Biology - 1977

Dr. Yarrow's appointment is 50% Extension, 25% teaching, and 25% research. His Extension responsibilities include development and delivery of educational programs in wildlife conservation in managed systems (forestry and agricultural production), mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts through wildlife damage management techniques, and maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity in managed landscapes. Applied research that addresses current and future wildlife conservation needs of clientele is also a program responsibility. Extension clientele include private landowners, natural resource professionals, government officials, public policy makers, and the general public. His areas of expertise are wildlife conservation and ecology, integration of wildlife conservation on private forest and agricultural lands, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, wildlife damage management, and enhancement of biodiversity in managed landscapes. His responsibilities are statewide.

Research interest:
Current research efforts in the following areas: 1.Evaluation of USDA Farm Bill Conservation Programs for Wildlife 2.Status, Distribution and Impacts of Double-Crested Cormorants in South Carolina 3.Effects of Roundup (Glyphosate) Herbicide on Amphibians 4.Ecology of Freshwater Turtles in South Carolina 5.Effects on Land Management on Bobwhite Quail and Ground-Nesting Birds 6.Mourning Dove Population Reconstruction Model for South Carolina 7.Status and Distribution of Mink in Coastal South Carolina 8.The Effects of Feral Hogs on Congaree Swamp National Park 9.A Predictive model for Reducing Human-Elephant Conflicts in India 10.Evaluation of Field Applications of GonaCon and DiazaCon in Reducing Gray Squirrel Fecundity 11.Wildlife Conservation on Landfills 12.Status and Impacts of Coyotes on Barrier Islands in Coastal South Carolina 13. Wildlife habitat improvement practices in managed systems (forest and agriculture).

Yarrow, G.K., Knipp, L. A., and A. J. Savereno. 2009. Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Bill Conservation Practices for Wildlife. in U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service. 2009. Burger Jr., L.W. and K.O. Evans, Mississippi (eds). Managing working lands for northern bobwhite: the USDA NRCS Bobwhite Restoration Project. Washington, DC.
Gering, L., T.J. Straka, and G.K. Yarrow. 2008. Creating a Destination for Tourism, Recreation, and Education on an Active Solid Waste Landfill Site. Natural Areas Journal. 28:410-413.
Book Chapter- Managing Forests for Recreational Opportunities. for Auburn University for the book- Managing Forests on Private Lands in Alabama and the Southeast..
Yarrow, G.K., D. Guynn, and N. Wilkins. 2006. Guidelines for Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity in Managed Forests. Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program publication. American Forest & Paper Association.
Yarrow, G.K. and D.T. Yarrow. 1999. Managing Wildlife. Sweet Water Press. Birmingham, AL 588pp.

Professional society activity:
The Wildlife Society
South Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Society of American Foresters

Honors and awards:
2010 Outstanding Teacher Award, CU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2008 Distinguished Public Service Award, Clemson University Alumni Association
2008 Northeast Extension Director's Award of Excellence for the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
2008 Nominated for Clemson University's Centennial Professorship
2006 Teaching Excellence Award, Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Clemson University
2004 and 2005 Faculty Excellence Award, Board of Trustees, Clemson University
2004 USDA Secretary's Honor Award, highest award presented by USDA
2004 American Distance Education Award
2003 Southern Region Extension Award
2001 Outstanding Faculty Member Award by the Clemson University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2001 Volunteer of the Year Award, Daniel High School
1996-1997 Central Elementary Volunteer of the Year
1994-1995 Outstanding Faculty Member Award by the Clemson University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Wildlife Management (WFB 412/612) course and 2 labs taught annually
Wildlife Damage Management (WFB 444/861) course and lab taught annually
Introduction to the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR 101) team taught each year
Natural History of South Carolina (BIOSC 730) taught during summers
SelectTopics (WFB 861) for graduate students in wildlife biology taught each year
Directed Research (WFB 493) for undergraduate students in wildlife biology each year
Creative Inquiry (FOR 470) Undergraduate research on gray squirrel fecundity research


Guest lecturer across campus, and Study Abroad in Sichuan, China (WFB 493/861)