Geoff Zehnder

Coordinator, IPM and Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Geoff ZehnderEmail:
Office: 864-656-6644

Office: 162 P&A
Lab: B36 Long Hall

B.S., University of California at Davis (Zoology)
M.S., University of California at Riverside (Pest Management)
Ph.D., University of California at Riverside (Entomology)

Primary responsibilities include development of sustainable agriculture training and education programs for extension agents and other agriculture professionals, farmers and market gardeners. Other projects include the Clemson Student Organic Farm and Farmer’s Market, and the Clemson Heirloom Vegetable Garden. Recent graduate student research topics include:
- Biological control of fungal disease on organic heirloom tomatoes
- Comparison of manure, composted manure and commercial organic soil amendments for certified organic vegetable production systems
- Reduction of fertilizer inputs in fall cole crop production by rotation with summer legume cover crops.
- Influence of waste materials used in vermicomposting on the quality of vermicompost used in organic vegetable production
- Development of an ethnobotany teaching garden and curriculum for elementary school students.
- Development of an Integrated Pest Management curriculum for elementary school grades 4-5.
- Development of an heirloom vegetable teaching garden and curriculum for high school agriculture education.
- Integrated management of the diamondback moth on brassicas in smallholder farms in Zimbabwe

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