Environmental Sciences at Clemson

Clemson’s devotion to the study of the environmental sciences is born of founder Thomas Green Clemson’s vision of a college dedicated to instruction in agriculture and natural sciences and of the campus’ location at the base of the oldest and most biologically diverse mountains in the world. Undergraduate and graduate students studying the environmental sciences at Clemson learn methods for confronting some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges through a wide array of majors and areas of study and benefit from the unique experiential learning opportunities provided by the Clemson Experimental Forest, Lake Hartwell, and frequent laboratory trips into the nearby Appalachian Mountains.

Environmental Sciences at Clemson

Ecology teaching, research, and outreach are found in a number of departments and programs at Clemson University. Clemson ecologists have a range of research interests from the theoretical to the applied, from the forests to the oceans, and from the cellular to ecosystem level. We offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in conservation biology, restoration ecology, plant ecology, behavioral ecology, wildlife ecology, microbial ecology, fire ecology, community ecology, population dynamics, and landscape ecology.

Entomology Entomology graduate students at Clemson benefit from innovative learning, research and outreach opportunities designed to prepare them to pursue leadership roles in academia, government and industry, and are led by dedicated faculty with broad teaching and research interests.

Environmental Horticulture is the art, science, and business of food crops, ornamental plants, and turfgrasses and their production, utilization, and maintenance. A strong foundation in the basic sciences and humanities is built on courses in mathematics, chemistry, botany, physics, computer science, communications, economics, and humanities.

The Environmental and Natural Resources curriculum produces professionals who have a broad-based knowledge in natural resources and an ability to interact with other resource professionals to provide thoughtful solutions to environmental and natural resource problems.

Clemson’s Environmental Toxicology program focuses on interdisciplinary approaches and sound science through which MS and Ph.D students pursue research in the areas of aquatic ecotoxicology, biochemical and molecular toxicology, immunobiology and immunotoxicology, terrestrial ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, and ecological modeling.

Graduate degree programs in Plant and Environmental Sciences offer a rigorous education and a solid foundation in basic and applied plant and environmental sciences, and educate individuals who will continue research or serve as professionals enhancing agriculture, horticulture, and environmental and economic sustainability of biological resources.

The Wildlife & Fisheries Biology program is focused on conservation issues that face wildlife resources in our state, region and nation; in fact our faculty’s work has global reach to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and many other parts of the world.  The program has a strong teaching, research, and outreach component supported by faculty and staff with a diversity of expertise.  Increased interest in wildlife conservation requires highly qualified students in the areas of wildlife and natural resources planning, wildlife and fisheries management, monitoring, education, research, policy, and regulatory.


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