Horticaching at Clemson University and
the South Carolina Botanical Garden

The Clemson University campus and South Carolina Botanical Garden (SCBG) harbor a veritable treasure trove of trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers. Both locations serve as outdoor classrooms for a variety of classes.

Originally our intent was to map the locations of the (mostly) woody plant species and cultivars covered in “Landscape Plant Identification” (HORT 3030). Students could then return to these specimens to improve their ability to identify these plants on quizzes and exams. As we geocached these plants, we succumbed to the wide diversity of species and cultivars on campus and in the SCBG and chose to document the locations of hundreds more taxa not taught in HORT 3030.

In addition to the plant names and locations, we also included a “Notes” section (limited to 100 characters) that includes details about each specimen. Our hope is that the public will utilize this tool to learn about the tremendous diversity and historical importance of plants on the Clemson campus and at the SCBG as we use the latest technology to advance our land-grant legacy of teaching, research and outreach. and embrace the future horticultural and botanical diversity of our campus with the establishment and care of young and mature trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers.

Clemson University campus

SC Botanical Garden


Our Team Conceptualization and Field Support: Bob Polomski, Tyler Polomski, and Robert Key.
Technical Support: Tyler Polomski, Peter Tögel et al. School of Agricultural, Forestry, and Environmental Science