Sustainable landscape demonstration garden created through campus collaboration

Sustainable SigThe Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden is the result of a campus-wide collaborative effort that brought together multiple departments within the School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences (SAFES), university landscape services, campus planning, extension, and the SC Botanical Garden. This project was funded by a one-time grant from Public Service and is an example of the creativity and teamwork happening in SAFES and across campus.   

The client, Adrienne Gerus, director of landscape services for Clemson University, specified that the garden should be low-maintenance and visually appealing.  Based on these criteria, students in the 2011 fall term HORT 308 class went to work designing the space. Two designs were chosen from the thirteen submitted.  

The Lombardo-Fraser design is a rain garden engineered to control and make use of heavy rainfall and stormwater runoff. It uses native plants, many of which are exclusively available at the SC Botanical Garden here in Clemson. The design also includes a footpath through the center of the garden to allow for close viewing and a garden respite. The Reburn design is intended to create much-needed shade through the introduction of native trees such as those commonly found in old growth forests throughout the southeastern United States. The designs were adapted according to plant availability.  

We hope the Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden will serve as a model for urban organizers and extension agents and that it will become a gathering place and a place of repose for people from across the Clemson University campus.

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