Summer Hort Interns--2009

Amanda Cihlar

Amanda Cihlar

Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm
Forest Ranch, CA

My job was to manage 60+ workers during the harvest between the months of June and July.  The harvest operations included quality control, payroll, labor law compliances, logistics, sales, and marketing.  I was in charge of the irrigation schedules and repairs.  I also helped with the farmer markets in the various cities including San Francisco, Oakland, and Chico.  I was involved in every aspect of running a small, organic business and gained great managing and communication skills.

Alexis ElderAlexis Elder

Chisholm Creek Flower Farm
Valley Center, KS

I have spent the summer working on Chisholm Creek Flower Farm, a small-scale flower farm in Valley Center, Kansas.  Throughout the summer I have been part of a wide variety of job responsibilities including construction of hoop houses, conditioning of beds for young plugs, planting plugs, fertilizing, watering, weeding, picking, and generally maintaining two small hoop houses and about a third of an acre of outdoor beds.  I have also been part of sales at local Farmer’s Markets and transactions with florists in our area.

Brad FowlerBrad Fowler

Palmetto Nursery
Anderson, SC

We grew perennials, which consisted of verbena, lantana, and promises to be an important business in SC.  I had many jobs over the summer that included propagation, pesticide and herbicide application, driving, organizing plants, and cleaning and preparing beds.

Erik HealyErik Healy

Moore Farms Garden
Lake City, SC

The first week of my internship we flew down to Louisiana, rented a car and drove back.  We stopped at nurseries and botanical gardens, and met with many horticulturists.  When I wasn’t working in the thirty-acre botanical garden or in the greenhouse, I was working on the summer intern project.  It was a 14,000 square foot area that was filled with invasive plant material.  We removed the invasive material, dug a pond, and replanted with non-invasive plants.  It was our job, as interns, to contact a professional house moving company and orchestrate the moving of the house.

Grady ReedGrady Reed

Augusta National Golf Course
Augusta, GA

I gained experience in trimming and pruning everything from Azaleas to fully grown Pines and Elms.  I was part of the Nursery crew, which is responsible for maintaining everything on the property except for the greens, tee boxes, and fair ways.  I learned how to maintain plant material in such famous areas as Magnolia Lane and Amen Corner.

Elizabeth ReganElizabeth Regan

Martin Nursery
Greenville, SC

Martin Nursery has a wide selection of beautiful plants.  In the photo, I had just taken a break from watering said plants outside in the courtyard.  Plants come from the Martin Nursery wholesale greenhouses, and the houseplants are purchased from Florida.  I had fun working there this summer.

Kevin SatterfieldKevin Satterfield

Ed Castro Landscape, Inc.
Roswell, GA

I chose to complete my internship at Ed Castro Landscape, Inc., which is located in Roswell, GA.  As part of my responsibilities, I supervised a floriculture crew as well as assisted with various installation and hardscape projects.

Stanton Reid SmithStanton Reid Smith

Conrad Fafard, Inc.
Anderson, SC

As an intern at Fafard, I specifically worked in the research and development (R&D) department.  While in the R&D department, I learned very much about what occurs in a research-oriented facility, from the physical property testing of medias to the collection of data on trials.  One of the most important activities of Fafard R&D is to test certain plant species in Fafard medias with treatments to test how Fafard could implement treatments or additives into their medias in the future.  Some of the activities that I performed over my summer internship at Fafard include preparing and mixing custom mixes to be used in trials, measuring out treatments or additives to be placed in custom mixes, setting up new trials, maintaining existing trials, terminating trials, and collecting and recording data from trials.  In addition, my job also included communicating with local greenhouse growers where Fafard trials were conducted, assisting other Fafard R&D employees with their duties, performing occasional weekend maintenance on trials, inventorying incoming soil and media samples from out-of-state Fafard researchers, and executing occasional organizing of Fafard materials and assets.

Tobbi StewartTobbi Stewart

Conrad Fafard, Inc.
Anderson, SC

I was able to understand the nature of research and developmental programs used by big companies to try to improve their products, and innovate their respective industries, all from a horticultural standpoint.  My responsibilities during this internship were incredibly challenging, difficult at times, but extremely rewarding and worth every minute of hard work put forth.  I have been given even further opportunities to stay with the program as an assistant scientist, and help build up the program for future interns.