Summer Hort Interns--2010

Rebecca Gregory

Rebecca Gregory

Martin Nursery
Greenville, SC

I spent the summer working at Martin Nursery, an upscale nursery in Greenville, SC.  My responsibilities consisted of cashiering, propagating, re-potting, watering, organizing displays, putting together container plantings, pruning, and assisting customers.  It was a great experience and I gained a great amount of confidence in working with plants and communicating with others.

Jonathan Holmes

Augusta National Golf CourseJonathan Holmes
Augusta, GA

The internship at Augusta National has given me a great opportunity to work a broad range of horticulture task on Famous Landmarks.  I have gotten an opportunity to see something that most people will never see and to get a better understanding of the work that it takes to make an operation run with standards as prestigious as the standards set by Augusta National Golf Course.

Susan JamesSusan James

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Services of Lexington County
Lexington, SC

I have been working for Dr. Powell Smith, Extension Associate, as his field technician since March.  There are three main research projects on which I have worked.  The biggest is a three-year/three states On-Farm Trial/Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) Research Project.  This project originates with David Riley of the University of Georgia.  Researchers from North Carolina State University are also participating.  It involves multiple treatments in tomatoes for management of thrips, insects that are responsible for vectoring TSWV.  Our portion of the project has taken place on commercial farms in different parts of the state.  This year I was traveling every week to Summerton, SC, to the Flower family farm.  I was responsible for the preparation, placement and processing of thrips traps, beat sampling for thrips, assessing the plants for TSWV and ELISA testing the plants for TSWV.  We spent one day for four weeks harvesting, grading and weighing the tomatoes in order to measure yield.

Suzie LombardoSuzie Lombardo

Statice Floral Couture LLC
Clemson, SC

I spent my summer running, promoting, and marketing my preexisting business.  One year ago, I started a floral design company called Statice Floral Couture.  I specialize in doing unique floral arrangements for weddings and events.  This summer internship allowed me to focus all of my energy on growing my business.  I launched a new website,, advertised via Facebook and business cards and most importantly networked with new and existing customers.  I completed six weddings and one corporate event over the summer break.  It was fantastic to be able to blend my college career with my current business endeavor!

Jamie MorinJaime Morin

The Lewis Family Farm
Essex, NY

I worked for the Lewis Family Farm, a large-scale organic operation in upstate New York.  I worked with organic grapes, pears, riparian barriers, alfalfa and grass hay, and cattle on the Lewis’ twelve hundred acre property.  I gained a wide variety of experiences in machinery, livestock, weed, soil, vineyard, and orchard management.  All of the skills that I learned this summer are extremely valuable, and I would absolutely chose this internship again if given the opportunity.

Grady Reed

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard UniversityGrady Reed
Boston, MA

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is the oldest Arboretum in North America and maintains one of the most complete living collections of woody specimens in the world.  I had a wide variety of job responsibilities that allowed me experience in almost all the aspects of maintaining a living plant collection.  It was an incredible networking opportunity.  The internship program consisted of field trips to other local Horticulture institutions and grounds, numerous horticulture training lectures, and guided tours during the summer.  Overtime is encouraged and the work environment is very positive.  It was a great opportunity to learn from highly skilled staff, engage in field collection for botanical research, and meet inspirational members of the Horticultural community.

Sig SandzenSig Sandzen

Seabrook Island Property Owners Association
Seabrook, SC

The internship in Seabrook involved landscape design and management practices.  The design concentration allowed me to develop 10 median designs for implementation in the Fall, along with helping to install the mass plantings at the Seabrook Island entrance for the Summer.  In the management aspect of the job, I supervised a crew in the removal of invasive species around the island.  Other duties included tree removal, pruning, pesticide/herbicide applications and client relations.   

Jaclyn SelesJaclyn Seles

Longwood Gardens
Kennett Square, PA 

I was an Outdoor Display intern at Longwood Gardens.  Over the course of my internship I was able to rotate between the different outdoor areas of the gardens performing various activities.  My duties ranged from basic maintenance, such as weeding, watering, and dead heading to shearing hedges and topiaries.  As a student at Longwood I was also able to go on many field trips to local gardens and nurseries in the surrounding areas.  I lived on Longwood property and had my own garden plot containing vegetables and flowers with other college interns.  Longwood Gardens is not only a great garden, but a great place to be an intern. 

Jordan WalkerJordan Walker

Full Circle Farm
Davis, CA

I spent a joyous summer in the Central Valley of California.  I worked on a small-scale organic farm and was able to have a hand in the production of fruits and vegetables, and organically raised, free range animals for production.  I was assigned tasks related to the feeding of the animals, out-planting of starts, the irrigation of the fields, and the preparation of new beds.  I harvested bi-weekly for market baskets and lived on the farm.  I awoke to roosters, ate the most amazing produce available, and was able to put my classroom knowledge to work.