SC Life

SC Life supports research for college students as well as life sciences education for middle school and high school students and their teachers. Programs for teachers include workshops and graduate-level science courses, community-based research projects, classroom resources including virtual field trips, and loans of equipment footlockers. SC Life enrichment and research opportunities for students include the Biology Merit Exam, Summer Program for Research Interns, Undergraduate Research Program, and laboratory field trips to the Life Sciences Outreach Center at Clemson University. 

SC Life is supported by $6.4 million in awards to Clemson University from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program since 1998.

The HHMI SC Life Project ended in August, 2015.

graduste courses
Scientists offer a wide selection of life science and natural history graduate courses designed for K-12 teachers and nonformal educators. Learn more >>
SPRI is designed to motivate bright, academically talented rising SC high school seniors toward careers in science, mathematics, or technology. Learn more >>
undergraduate courses
Howard Hughes Medical Institute provides $550 in supplies for undergraduate research projects and travel... Learn more >>
biology merit exam
Recognizes and rewards middle high school students of South Carolina for outstanding student achievement ...  Learn more>>
community research
We partner with teachers and students to guide them through unique research projects that focus on SC local communities. Learn more>>

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