On-Site & Distance Learning Fall 2011

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GEOL 790: Biogeography and Geology of South Carolina
BIOSC 730: Master Gardener for Teachers

GEOL 790: Biogeography and Geology of South Carolina

Teachers learn in-depth about the natural history of South Carolina and how to apply it to lessons in their classrooms. The course offers a standards-based, content-intensive study of the geology and biogeography of South Carolina from an interdisciplinary perspective. A minimum of four teachers per group hosts a local teleconference site at their school. Instruction is presented through a combination of videotapes, print media, Internet resources and live, interactive videoconferencing. On-site master teachers assist groups with class activities. Each group chooses three study units out of 10 available modules, unit 1 is required for those who have not previously attended an extended workshop or other SC Life course. Each teacher must have internet and e-mail access, either through school or at home.

A registration form, detailed agenda and syllabus are posted on the Geology K-12 Outreach Web site at www.clemson.edu/ces/geolk12.

Three credit hours
Dates: TBA--offered as requested
Location: Combination distance learning and on-site
Lecture Format: Broadcast on the SCETv network available in most schools
Lecture Time: Selected in consultation with local groups
Fee: $200 per in-service teacher (includes course materials and field trip expenses).
Instructors: Dr. John Wagner, Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University, and local master teachers
Contact: Geology K-12 Outreach Office (864/656-1560, jackieg@clemson.edu)
Web site: www.clemson.edu/ces/geolk12

BIOSC 730: Master Gardener for Teachers

Woman testing creek waterTake this exciting online course designed to provide training in gardening-related topics! Along the way, you'll also take on a related volunteer project that, together with the training, will result in Master Gardener certification at the end of the course. Topics covered include basic botany, soil science, propagation, sustainable landscaping, integrated pest management, and more! For more information, contact Karen Hall at carlson@clemson.edu/864-656-4859. To register, visit http://www.regonline.com/MGTS11

Three credit hours
Dates: August 24 - December 16, 2011
Fee: $300
Format: on-line through Clemson University
Instructor: Dr. Karen Hall, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Clemson University
Contact: Dr. Karen Hall, carlson@clemson.edu, 864-656-4859