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1) Briefly describe overall research program at your laboratory:
Note: SPRI students must be added to research compliance protocols (IBC, IRB, IACUC)
2) Briefly describe specific project(s) for your research intern:
The project should be a valid means for teaching research methods to a student and not just using a student as a pair of hands. Interns are required to present the results of their summer research at the annual Clemson SPRI Research Poster Forum on July 18, 2014 and the GSSM Research Colloquium (January, 2015). In addition, students are encouraged by GSSM to present their research at the SC Junior Academy of Science and may use their summer research as science fair projects.
3) Will any other people (grad students, colleagues, etc.) be involved directly with the intern?
4) Does your intern need to have a car? (Please indicate YES or NO for both)
(Please keep in mind that requiring a car reduces the number of potential intern matches)

Off Campus facility yes  no

Off Campus field work yes  no

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