Teacher Resources

Here we are making available various resources that were developed by teachers during our SC Life courses or that we think are important resources you should reference. During our courses, teachers often develop lesson plans and activities that are course content specific but are easily adapted to all classrooms.  Our ‘Equipment Footlockers’ are also available for teachers to check-out for a semester after an introduction to the equipment and activities and laboratories that may be used in conjunction with the equipment.

SC Life materials are available for use only in non-profit educational activities.  Any other uses, including activities involving fees for instruction and/or materials, must receive permission from the SC Life Project Director.  Contact Ginger Foulk, SC Life Project Manager,  with questions about any of our SC Life materials or programs.

SC Life Project Office: 132 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634, 864-656-4224, fax 864-656-1425. Email Ginger at foulk@clemson.edu