Bert Bagley

Bert Bagley

Major: Biosystems Engineering

: 2002

: John Deere

: Territory Customer Support Manager

: Grovetown, Georgia



Current Career?

As a Territory Customer Support Manager with John Deere in South Georgia, I am responsible for various aspects of the dealer, customer, and John Deere relationship.  I am heavily involved in dealership and customer training clinics, resolving problems, and maintaining a high level of customer experience.  I work with service managers to answer technical questions as well as business related questions.  It is my responsibility to ensure that dealership personnel are trained and are making money from a service standpoint. 

Fondest Clemson Memory?

My fondest memory of Clemson University was having the opportunity to meet and interact with such great people that I now call friends, peers, and colleagues. Not only that, but the opportunities of living and working at the Starkey Swine Center are probably some of my best memories of what college should be like. It was a great opportunity to live and work on the farm; the opportunity was highlighted when I was able to share the experience with friends who would come over to study and had no experience of agriculture.  I remember that we had a garden and would always cook a big supper on Sunday nights that included fresh produce we well as some excellent BBQ that I made. 

How did Clemson and CAFLS Prepare you for Life and Career?

Networking, networking, networking!!!  I never realized how influential it could be further in my career to be involved as I was while in school.  Today, I am still extremely involved with SC agriculture and work with some of the same folks I studied with back in college.  The whole experience is coming full circle and I'm so thankful for being an involved student while at Clemson.  Not only that, some people you study with may just end up being famous...for example, Lee Brice and I used to study together with some other engineers.  Everyone would come out to the farm, we'd cook, he'd play, we'd study, he'd look at him!  I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet such an amazing guy. 

"What I wish I had known when I was in college?"

GET INVOLVED and TRAVEL!!!  Even though I was a very active student (involved in so many different opportunities) I wish I had been more involved in the administration-sponsored events earlier in my college career (i.e. working with Provost Helms on student committees, being the student liaison to Dr. John Kelly and the budgeting committee).  Next, make sure you see the state, country, and the world.  Find some way to fund the trips...they'll be the things you remember and talk about with your buddies as you grow older..."remember when we went __________."  

How Bert currently serves CAFLS:

Bert currently serves as a member of the CAFLS Alumni Board and chairs the fund raising committee.  He is the recent Past President of the SC Advocates for Agriculture and a member of the SC Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher program.


Bert Bagley