Hail Bennett

Hail Bennett, CAFLS Horticulture, 2009


Graduation: 2009

Employer: Bennett U-Pick

Title: Co-Owner

Hometown: Frankford, Delaware

Current Career?

I am a partner with my parents in the ownership of the family business growing peaches and other products.  I will continue to oversee day to day operations in the pruning, thinning, harvesting, and all other aspects of our operation on a year round basis.  Owning an agricultural business requires a broad range of skills and experience to be successful, and my education will continue as I attempt to steer our business in the right direction.

Fondest Clemson Memory?

For me, learning the methods and ideas behind my horticulture major came just as much from hands-on activities and field trips, as it did from the classroom.  Many of the classes I had, included these activities, and the myriad of locations and jobs in the industry that I was exposed to will stay with me forever.  The football games were pretty good too.

How did Clemson and CAFLS Prepare you for Life and Career?

The best way for me to gauge the effects that Clemson, and CAFLS in particular, have had on my career, is to look back to where I was when I started here.  The immense amount of knowledge and experiences that have been impressed upon me in the last four years will serve as an excellent launching pad for me to move forward with my operation, and be confident that I have the skills and experience to take on whatever challenges lie ahead.

“What I wish I had known when I was in college?”

Graduating from college with a degree does not mean that your education is complete. When I was a senior approaching my graduation, I was worried that I was expected to be an expert in all things horticultural, but I felt that I had so much more to learn still.  Looking back, I have realized that a lifetime's worth of knowledge and experience lies ahead, and that my degree in horticulture is actually just the beginning of this education.

You can learn more about Hail and his families operation by viewing this recent PBS Video story from America’s Heartland at: