Beth Crocker

Hail Bennett, CAFLS Horticulture, 2009

Major: Animal & Veterinary Science

Graduation: 1997

Employer: South Carolina Department of Agriculture

Title: Attorney & Director of Legal Affairs

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina


Current Career?

I serve as the Attorney & Director of Legal Affairs for the S.C. Department of Agriculture.  My responsibilities include drafting, reviewing and monitoring legislation & regulations likely to affect agriculture and/or the Department. In addition, I represent the Department in most legal matters, I review and draft contracts and legal documents, interpret the laws and regulations administered by the Department and research legal questions requested by citizens, staff and the Commissioner. In addition to my legal responsibilities, I also serve the Department regularly by handling dairy industry issues, school garden programs, campus farmers markets and the South Carolina Commissioner's School for Agriculture summer academic program in partnership with Clemson.

In addition to this vocation, I am an avid dog lover who trains and shows my dogs and dogs of other breeders.  This allows me to continue hands-on work with animals.

Fondest Clemson Memory?

My fondest memory of Clemson University is eating lunch in the Carillon Garden near Tillman. I ate lunch there almost every day for the 4 years I was in school. At this special campus location, I studied, I socialized with friends, I enjoyed the beautiful South Carolina weather and enjoyed being a part of the wonderful, vibrate atmosphere that existed all around Clemson University. 

Most of my next fondest memories are from the lessons I learned and activities I did while working on the farms and taking animal science classes.  Whether it was working cows at the Simpson Station, nursing calves at Dairy Farm, checking on chicks at the poultry farm, scratching pigs at the swine farm and working with horses at the equine farm.

How did Clemson and CAFLS Prepare you for Life and Career?

The Animal Science, Pre-vet curriculum was challenging when I was at Clemson. I had to study and I learned great study habits while at Clemson. I took advantage of the chemistry tutor that worked with students in the college. I also took advantage of the professors' open door policies and spent a lot of time learning from them outside of the classroom. Later when I went to law school and talked with other students from other universities, I realized just how lucky I was to have had a faculty body that was so willing to interact and work with students outside of the classroom and who actually let themselves be accessible to students outside of the classroom.

“What I wish I had known when I was in college?”

I had no idea that many of my health and exercise habits (lifestyle traits) I developed during my 4 years in college, would influence my life so much after college! For example, I have never gotten over the habit of staying up until midnight, because I always studied until midnight and then I went to bed. Another habit I developed was running in the evenings after supper but before I started studying at night. To this day, I still prefer to run in the evenings. 

How Beth currently serves CAFLS:

Beth currently serves as the President Elect for the CAFLS Alumni Board.  In addition, through various grants and programs through the SC Department of Agriculture Beth works with various recruiting and student enrichment programs in the college.

Below Beth shows off two of her prizes winning dogs: Boykin Spaniel, Jake and Gordon Setter, Madison.  Pictured at top of article with Beth is Irish Setter, Jackson.



Beth Crocker’s Award Winning Boykin Spaniel Jake shows his Clemson Colors!