Jon Doran

Jon Doran, Aninal Science, 2001

Major: Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Graduation: B.S. 2001

Employer: Dow AgroSciences

Title: Project Manager - Six Sigma Black Belt

Hometown: Johnston, SC -
Currently: Indianapolis, IN


Current Career?

As a Six Sigma Black Belt  with Dow AgroSciences LLC, I'm responsible for shepherding various projects  through the Six Sigma process. Corporations use Six Sigma to help determine if their current business processes, alignments, etc. are as  efficient as they can be. I focus on projects with both US and  global implications for our Agricultural Chemicals/Seeds businesses as well as new ventures.

Fondest Clemson Memory?

The  relationships I built. I have so many fond memories of my time at  Clemson, and all of them involve spending time with friends or making new  friends. Many of those people are my best friends today. Whether it was  working on the Beef Unit, cleaning stalls at the Brick Barn, attending class,  or watching our Tigers win another game, I was constantly exposed to a variety  of people. People with different backgrounds, different views, different goals. Learning to work with people who may see things a little differently makes us all stronger and is a critical skill for success.

How did Clemson and CAFLS Prepare you for Life and Career?

Networking is a huge part of succeeding after college, whether it's in the corporate world or on  the family farm. As a student I was involved in several student organizations, and that's when I learned how valuable networking can be. The opportunity to participate and serve in leadership roles in Block and Bridle, the Ag and  Natural Resource Board, CAFLS Ambassadors, etc. definitely helped prepare me for life beyond college. College is first and foremost about getting a degree, but I think getting involved in organizations, events, etc. outside of the classroom is very important.The university, and specifically CAFLS, offers an  impressive variety of opportunities to get involved. 

“What I wish I had known when I was in college?”

One of my favorite professors, Dr. George Skelley, told me during my junior year that college is mostly about maturing. I think he was exactly right. Maturity includes learning how to accept change and thinking farther ahead than tomorrow. Maturity is an important tool for success, so embrace it. Study hard, but get involved. By get involved I mean more than just showing up. Challenge yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone. Clemson Tigers don't follow, we lead!

How Jon currently serves CAFLS:

Jon currently serves as a member of the CAFLS Alumni Board as the representative for District 9.  In addition, Jon has attended the CAFLS Career Fair representing Dow AgroSciences and seeks to recruit other Tigers to be leaders with the company.  Of special note, seen in the photo below, Jon has offered his jeep to participate in the First Friday Parade for the Ag Alumni Board.  At each CAFLS Tailgate, guests can bid in a silent auction to ride in the jeep with Jon during the parade.  The funds from the auction support CAFLS Alumni Activities.

Jon Doran and friends representing the CAFLS Ag Alumni Board in the 2010 First Friday Parade!

jon doran first friday parade