A.B. Bodine

A. B. Bodine

Title: Professor Emeritus/Visiting Professor

Department: Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Hometown of origin
: Washington, D.C. and Cheverly, MD

Alma mater(s)
: Clemson University

B. S. – Chemistry
M.S. – Nutrition/Physiology/Biochemistry
Ph.D. – Nutrition/Physiology/Biochemistry

What do you like best about Clemson?

The many excellent faculty with whom I can interact.

What do you like best about interacting and working with students?

There are so many good, motivated and focused students who wish to do research and/or service.

On what research are you currently working?

Principally work with the cell-mediated immunology of sharks ,skates and rays and anticancer peptides derived from unique lymphoid tissues of these animals. Development of new and primarily green methods for characterization  and analysis of  food  constituents.

Dr. Bodine has been a member of the staff/faculty at Clemson since 1970.  He was awarded the Class of '39 award in 1993 and is former President of the Faculty Senate.