Scott Whiteside


Title: Associate Professor

Department: Packaging Science

Hometown of origin: Pelzer, S.C.

Alma mater(s):

B. S. – Ag Mechanization (’84)
M.S. – Ag Econ (’86)
Ph.D. – Food Technology (’99) all from Clemson

What do you like best about clemson?

The people (students, faculty , staff) that I get the privilege of interacting with each day.

What do you like best about interacting and working with students?

What I like best about working with students is their energy, creativity and different personalities, it makes working with them very enjoyable and motivating.

On what research are you currently working?

Development of new thermally processed, shelf stable, flexible food packaging systems. Modification of PLA biopolymer and development of oxygen scavenging packaging materials.