Roxanne Bernard

Roxanne Bernard, Animal and Veterinary Sciences Freshmen Academic AdvisorTitle/Role:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Freshmen Academic Advisor

Co-Director of WAVS (Women in Animal and Veterrinary Sciences Living/Learning Community)

Department/Area Served:

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Hometown Of Origin:

Mt. Pleasant, SC

I am South Carolina born and raised, and sweet tea definitely runs through my veins.  My husband and I also spent two years in NJ and 10 years in Houston, TX (where they don't serve sweet tea)

What is your Educational Background?

Medical University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology

Board Certified and Licensed by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists

Simply put, here is what I do..

I have the pleasure and privilege of being advisor to a fresh crop of 18 year olds every year is the main focus of my position. My department realizes that freshmen need a lot of help as they transition from high school to college.  Not only is assistance provided with academics, students come to me with problems such as roommate issues, homesickness, and other young adult problems. Because our major is almost 90% female,  Dr. Mickey Hall and I also run the WAVS program where freshmen AVS women can live together on one dorm floor, making instant friends with similar interests and career goals.  We offer special professional development programs and 'stress busting" activities for them throughout the year. Along with Drs. Glenn Birrenkott and Peter Skewes,  I also teach the AVS 100 class and the laboratory portions of AVS 201, 301, and 453. Involvement in upper level laboratory courses keeps me involved with our students during their entire undergraduate careers and makes good use of my laboratory skills.

The greatest satisfaction i gain from my job is...

Definitely working with the students!  When the opportunity was offered to me 10 years ago to leave the lab and start working with students, it became a life-changing experience.  We attract great students in AVS, and they are so appreciative of everything we do for them. Thank you notes from our alums and their parents are sent to me years after they graduate.  And students drop by my office to give me a hug and say thank you for some small assistance provided them.  That truly is job satisfaction.

A little more about who I am...

My husband John and I have been happily married for 37 years.  We enjoy living out in the country with our dog Rigel and 3 cats.  My mother and sister still live in Mt. Pleasant, and spending time "back home" with them is very important to me.  Having wonderful, devoted friends is another blessing.  I enjoy reading, decorating, gardening, working out, and traveling. This life is exactly where I want to be.