Dexter C. Hawkins



Information Resource Consultant II / Lead Consultant

Department/Area Served:

CAFLS Dean’s Office, Experiment Station, Applied Economics and Statistics, Biosystems Engineering, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Packaging Science

Hometown Of Origin:

Lugoff, SC

How I got to where I am...

BS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University. My employment in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering working for Dr. Jay Lathrop in the Solar Cell reliability lab prepared me for my start in Information Technology support.

Simply put, here is what I do..

Provide all forms of IT support for the faculty, staff, and students in CAFLS including purchasing recommendations, purchasing, setup of equipment or software, troubleshooting issues,computer related issues such as networking or video conferencing, mobile phones, and other related products.  Serve as CAFLS representative in various IT groups. 

Here is why I do what I do...

My greatest satisfaction is knowing I am doing my best to ensure that students are receiving the best education Clemson University has to offer.  Also, ensuring that the faculty and staff are able to perform their duties at the highest level.  And finally, that the citizens of South Carolina are receiving the best return on their investment in this university.

A little more about who I am...

My father attended Clemson University, but had to drop out because of World War II.  I was able to attend, and receive my degree from Clemson.

My wife and I attended Clemson in the late 1970’s.  We got married, and then divorced.  We had separate lives and families for about 25 years.  We reconnected, and were happily remarried.