Ellen Vincent


Environmental Landscape Specialist, Extension Associate

Department/Area Served:

Department of Environmental Horticulture, statewide service to commercial green industry and communities.

Hometown Of Origin:

Hudson River Valley New York State

What is your Educational Background?

Clemson University, Doctor of Philosophy 2009
Environmental Design and Planning, College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities
Thesis title: The therapeutic benefits of nature images on health

Northwest Missouri State University, Master of Science 1993
Thesis title: Germination of late blooming Carduus nutans in northwest MissouriMajor: Agriculture, emphasis in Horticulture

State University of New York at New Paltz, Bachelor of Arts cum laude 1982
Major: American Culture

Simply put, here is what I do..

I promote sustainable landscape best management practices state-wide to commercial audiences through publications and conference presentations. I facilitate the use of engagement and dialogue in group processes for communities seeking positive economic, social, and  environmental change.  I teach Horticulture 101 to a diverse group of talented students. I conduct research on the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Here is why I do what I do...

I get to practice what I believe in and am passionate about. Landscapes, health, and photography are all blended in my research and papers and that is amazing. Pedagogy, communication, and creativity are all woven together in my teaching and in my work with communities which are also totally satisfying. Plus, I get to work in a stunningly beautiful environment whose landscape is a model for proper procedures. Clemson campus and its grounds crew administrators and workers are incredible.

A little more about who I am...

Since I was small I have been fascinated by the powerful relationships that exist between humans and their natural environment. Many people are drawn to natural scenes or vistas when they need respite or to restore from stress. To more fully understand the notion that "nature is good for you" I am studying hospital surgery patient's physiological and psychological responses to various nature images in order to discover if one type of nature image is more therapeutic than others. Through all my work, which includes research, teaching, and extension,  I have the ability to affect, influence,  and even create healing environments. This is very satisfying life's work.