Eugene Diefenbach

Eugene Diefenbach

Major: Soil & Sustainable Crop Systems

Year: Senior

Hometown: Fairfax Station, VA

Why Clemson?

I knew I wanted to study soils and originally looked very seriously Texas A&M for both their soils program and Corps of Cadets. After visiting College Station I realized it was way too big for me and began looking for another university. Clemson came to mind first, as my cousin went here and lives very close by so it sounded perfect. After visiting my decision was already made—no other schools had a fair chance after visiting Clemson on a warm weekend in the Fall and eating at Sardi’s Den!

Your Clemson Experience?

Clemson has been an awesome few years. I just found out I would be graduating a semester early, and it is amazing to think that I have one more semester before I graduate. It sure has flown by! It seems like just yesterday that I was walking from Johnstowne down to the freshman parking lot. I have been blessed to have some amazing people and professors in my life, as well as a very tight knit family that supports me. When I came in as a freshman I thought all the talk about “college is the best time your life” was just that—a bunch of talk. But I have found out that not just college, but my time at Clemson especially, has been an awesome ride. It certainly had its ups and down, but what doesn’t?  I honestly can say I have taken away more than just a degree from Clemson.

Outside of the Classroom?

Well first off I am very glad that I listened to my orientation ambassadors when they said to get involved-it was worth it! My freshman year I was in the drum line and it was awesome getting to play at the games and feed off the raw energy of fans. I have also done soil judging which has provided for some cool sightseeing and great trips with a great group. But what takes up most of my time (aside from studying of course) is air rifle. Rifle is a very rewarding sport, and this year we topped off a great season with a national championship that was held at Purdue University!

After Clemson?

After I graduate I will stay and work towards a Masters degree. But after my time at Clemson I intend to become an infantry officer in the Marine Corps. It is impossible to know now how long I will stay in the military, but afterwards I hope to do environmental consulting for the military as we rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq. As for very long term goals, I would like to live on a farm one day that allows me to be completely self-sufficient.