Joel Feltman

Joel Feltman, Forest Resource Management;  Minor, Business Administration

Major: Forest Resource Management

Minor:  Business Administration

Year: Senior

Hometown: Cross Anchor, SC

Why Clemson?

After I had received an associates degree in Civil Engineering at Horry Georgetown Technical College, I decided to come on to clemson to finish engineering on out. After a year in engineering I decided to go with my first decision and switch to Forestry. My family has a large background in forestry so I wanted to continue to keep it going and I am very glad that i made that decision.

Your Clemson Experience?

Once I switched my major and joined the Ag side of campus I have really enjoyed myself alot more. I have met a number of friends that I know I will always keep in touch with. After the first year of being involved in the Forestry Club and our SAF Student Chapter, I became the president of both clubs. I have attended several different SAF conferences to meet with others that are in the forestry field as well as other fields. The conferences also help me gain a better understand of some additional career opportunities related to my major. The Forestry club always had different activities going on like socials, helping with youth at different events such as the Wood Magic Fair, or just helping out in the public with things like delivering firewood to raise money for the club.

Outside of the Classroom?

One thing that I get alot of experience in is Prescribed Fire. My Father, Alvin Feltman, is now a Forestry consultant after retiring from 30 years with the US Forest Service. During the burn season we are usually pretty busy with burns all over South Carolina. When it is not the right weather for burning we will do other types of consultant work. Even though I am a Forestry major, I get the opportunity quite often to help with wildlife work with my dad which I really enjoy also.

After Clemson?

I will be seeking a position in the Forestry industry upon graduation.  If I do not find a position that is in line with my current goals, I plan to attend graduate school at Clemson for GIS (Geographical Information Systems).