Marcelo Fernandes


Marcello Fernandas

: Microbiology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Clemson, SC (born in Belem, Brazil)

Why Clemson?

I initially wanted to go to school far away from home. I had attended grade school and high school in the Clemson area, so I felt like I needed a change of scenery. I almost attended the University of Michigan and even had my deposit and signed forms ready to be mailed. However, I could never force myself to mail the forms. I was a big Clemson fan, and I always wanted to be a part of Clemson University. The people here are wonderful and it felt like the best place for me. However, I waited so long to make a decision that I had to hand deliver my deposit to the secretary at Sikes Hall on they day it was due. Still, it was the best decision I've ever made. I couldn't be happier with my choice to attend school here.

Your Clemson Experience?

My time as a student at Clemson has been the best four year of my life, and it's sad to think it will be over so soon. I've had great professors who were always willing to offer me advice regarding academics or life in general. Sometimes I would meet with my professors in their office and, after after discussing school work, our conversation would cover myriad topics: sports, pop culture, politics, etc.. I've also made great friends here, and the friendships I've developed will add to my fond memories as a student at Clemson. It's also important to highlight the administrators and staff I've met at Clemson. Dr. Wheeler and the rest of the staff at Long Hall have been incredibly supportive of my endeavors, and I know I couldn't have gone this far without their help. I've had a very special four years here.

Outside of the classroom?

I enjoy my time as a peer mentor via a program associated with the Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Center for Student Life. This is my second year serving as a mentor, and this has allowed me to assist first year students here at Clemson University. It's been a very rewarding experience. I've also started volunteering at the food bank. I could never do it before due to my class schedule, but I've loved my time volunteering there thus far. It reminds me that there are many needy people in our surrounding community.

After Clemson?

I've been blessed to have been admitted to medical school and will begin in August. My initial goal is to survive my first year of medical school - haha. While in medical school I want to earn a second degree in Public Health (MPH) of Public Policy (MPP). My ultimate goal is to become an Endocrinologist.

We would like to mention that Marcello was accepted to several top Medical Schools including: University of Michigan, Duke, MUSC, USC, University of Louisville, University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Virginia. He was also selected for interviews, was wait listed or is still awaiting an answer from Yale, The Mayo Clinic and Vanderbilt. Just another great example of how our Clemson students are recognized all over the United States as top candidates in their field. Marcelo has chosen to attend Duke University for Medical School. Congratulations Marcelo!!!