Rachel Hesler

Rachel Hessler

   Major: Biochemistry

   Minor: Genetics

   Year: Senior

   Hometown: Charlotte, NC



Why Clemson?

I came to Clemson because of the price, location, atmosphere, and the quality of the academic programs.  The small-town feel with the neighboring mountains and lakes make Clemson a really beautiful place.  The excitement and enthusiasm about our sports teams was also a major attraction.  When I was first on the campus, I really got "that feeling" this was the right place for me.

Your Clemson Experience?

My time at Clemson has meant a lot to me.  I have received a great education that has allowed me to have many options after graduation.  The department has excellent faculty who have been very helpful in their advice through my time at Clemson.  One of the most important aspects of my education has been the opportunities for research experiences in the lab. 

Outside of the Classroom?

I have been a member of the varsity swim team for my four years here at Clemson.  Being a member of a sports team has allowed me to have a well-rounded Clemson experience.  The team really provided a family away from home.  Balancing a degree in biochemistry with the 20hr/week commitment to swimming was demanding.  I know the time-management skills and persistence I have learned will greatly assist me in graduate school.  Swimming provided my most rewarding experiences at Clemson.  It really has been a privilege representing Clemson University.

After Clemson?

After graduating from Clemson, I am attending graduate school to pursue my PhD in biomedical sciences.  I am currently interviewing at five universities and will be making my final decision in March.