Allison Littman

Allison Littman

Major: Packaging Science

Minor:  Environmental Engineering

Year: Senior

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Why Clemson?

Clemson has it all - the sporting events and spirit of a large state school with the close-knit, community feel of a small school.  The climate is warm, the campus is surrounded by running trails and a beautiful lake, and the Carolina coast and ski slopes of North Carolina are both within a four hour drive.  What a great place to spend four years!

Your Clemson Experience?

The professors in the Packaging Dept. have made my academic experience one of the most enjoyable parts of my time at Clemson.  Both in and out of the classroom, they have recognized what I am passionate about, challenged me to pursue those interests, and facilitated my growth, specifically through Creative Inquiry.

I have also enjoyed being a part of Students for Environmental Awareness and have been impressed with the growing response on campus for events like Earth Day, Farm Aid Festival, & National Teach-In.

Outside of the Classroom?

Last summer, I lived in a sustainable farming community in Oregon.  I worked outside each day, learning organic farming methods, practicing responsible wood harvesting, and using locally sourced materials in applied technology construction projects.

Currently, I am finishing up a six month packaging co-op in Denver, Colorado.  I have gained exposure into the workings of a full time packaging engineer while hiking, snowboarding, and trail running in my free time.  I can't think of a better way to spend a semester.

After Clemson?

I haven't settled on a specific career path yet.  Each day, I am exploring ways to make our environment healthier, more beautiful, and sustainable.  I am open to any opportunity that allows me to do so full time.  I have loved living in new cities the past few years, if only for a short time.  I hope to check a few more off my list during the years after graduation.