Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn

   Major: Food Science and Technology

   Minor: Packaging Science

   Year: Junior

   Hometown: Cinnaminson, NJ


Why Clemson?

My intense interest in chemistry during high school led me to explore majors involving the subject. After researching the field of food science, I chose it as the direction for my future career path. With a specific interest in the area of new product development, I understood the benefits of an educational background in packaging science. Therefore, I focused my college search on schools with both food and packaging science departments.  Clemson University offered strong programs in both fields, making it an excellent choice for my educational goals.

Your Clemson Experience?

A valuable aspect of my Clemson education is the hands-on-experience achieved through the Creative Inquiry program. While working as a team with professors and students, I learned the proper steps for scientific research. Through Creative Inquiry, I have developed an understanding of the experimental design process, laboratory techniques, and data analysis. The close interaction with professors is a characteristic of the program that particularly enhances my Clemson experience, by promoting involvement within the food science department

Outside of the Classroom?

During the 2009 Maymester, I enhanced my collegiate career with a wonderful study abroad experience in Cortona, Italy. While completing a course entitled Viticulture and Enology of the Mediterranean Region, I was immersed in the Italian lifestyle. Not only did I develop knowledge in the areas of viticulture and enology, I also gained the valuable cultural experience of living in a small Tuscan town. The lectures, labs, and field trips to local vineyards provided material on grape cultivation, wine production, and sensory evaluation. I enjoyed touring the various winery facilities, as well as examining the contrast between traditional and modern production methods

After Clemson?

After leaving Clemson, my educational background will prepare me to become a professional in the food industry. An ideal career path would be in the area of product development, where I could incorporate my knowledge of food composition and packaging materials. As I look to the future, my personal interest of convenient, healthy food products coincides with growing trends in the food industry and today's society.