Career Services

Services and Resources for CAFLS Students

We offer a variety of services for CAFLS students which we hope you will find both comprehensive and valuable. Our goals are:

  • to help you explore options and to make career choices that will be satisfying to you;
  • to help you implement your plans once you have identified options;
  • to provide you with valuable job search and career planning skills which will be useful and allow you to be successful throughout your career; and
  • to provide our services in a friendly, helpful manner and to remain responsive to your need.


Career Fairs- Our office provides College Career Fairs each Fall with companies tailored to CAFLS majors. Over 50% of the employers that participate are CAFLS Alumni too. 

The Fall 2015 CAFLS Career Fair is Wednesday

October 7th 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Career Advising- Our trained advisors are available to meet with students on an individual basis to discuss career and job search plans.

Resume Critiques- The goal of your resume is to effectively market yourself to potential employers, and to obtain an interview. Our staff is available to assist you in developing a resume tailored to our related industries. Click Here to have your resume critiqued.

Mock Interviews- A great way to improve your interviewing technique is to practice. Staff members are available to role play the interview process with you and then will provide valuable feedback. Mock interviews are available for professional and graduate school as well as job related interviews.

Internships- Employers are saying that good grades, summer job experience, and participation in student activities and organizations are not enough to help students land a full-time job. In today’s competitive job market, students with career related work experience are the students who are getting the best interviews and job offers.  Let us help you find a great internship experience!

Job Postings-  An extensive number of single job vacancies are posted on-line through ClemsonJobLink, in addition to many job postings that will be emailed through our office at employers’ requests. Another fantastic resource available to you as a Clemson Student is CareerShift.   CareerShift offers the most comprehensive online resource, designed to support the # 1 request of job seekers: an easy to use web site to conduct and organize their job search.

NAADA Internship and Job Search Site- CAFLS is an active member of the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association (NAADA) which has a job search site just for its members.  The iCenter is your destination for exciting Agricultural, Natural Resources, Environmental and Life Sciences job and internship opportunities!  Click here to go to the NAADA iCenter site.

On-Campus Recruiting-Approximately 100 employers conduct over 250 interviews with our students in a typical year. There are different possibilities for each major. These interviews include positions for internships, cop-ops and permanent opportunities. Many companies still do not recruit on campus so it is suggested you explore all alternative ways for job searching.

International Opportunities- CAFLS offers a wide range of opportunities to study and learn abroad through two-week, summer and semester-long programs. For a detailed list of program experiences click here. Work experience and research also plays a very important role in our college. We offer student opportunities to conduct research and to participate in creative learning projects with faculty and industry around the world, as well as international internships and co-ops. For more information on international opportunities contact Joey Thames, 864-656-1534. 

Web Resources- Click here for helpful links pertaining to your job search.

Check out the CAFLS Career Services Office located in F-153 P&A Building (Lobby). You'll find great information, valuable services and helpful staff.