Nishanth Tharayil; Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, 2008 CV

Danny; Research Assistant Research Poster

Ryan; Technical Assistant

Smitha; Graduate Student (M.S.)

Gretchen; Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Johannes; Exchange Student (Germany)

SPRI Summer Students (2009)

Anona; Research Poster

Dylan; Research Poster

Ian; Research Poster

Graduate Students:

Currently we have two graduate students in our lab for Fall 2009. See the 'Assistantship' section for details on additional opportunities.


If you are interested in our line of research and are willing to participate in our research activities contact us. Students will have opportunity to learn various research techniques and will gain first-hand experience in serious research.


We currently have position opening for a research technician. Candidates should have good plant science background. The position is ideal for students who want to gain ecological, physiological and analytical skills in plant biology, before moving on to graduate school. Contact us for details.