Monday 3.25.13

3:00pm - 6:00pm Registration and Exhibitor Setup Lobby
6:00pm - 8:00pm Welcome Reception Season's Quad


Tuesday 3.26.13

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Registration Lobby
8:00am Welcome, Introductions and Housekeeping BellSouth Auditorium
Dr. Mike Mengak
8:15am Emerging Issues in Nuisance Wildlife Management
BellSouth Auditorium Robert Hudson - USDA APHIS Wildlife Services
9:00am Review of Latest AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia and How They Relate to Nuisance Wildlife Management
BellSouth Auditorium Dr. David Miller
9:45am BREAK Bellsouth Auditorium Break Station
10:15am Investing in Wildlife Damage Management Research: Taking the Long View
BellSouth Auditorium Dr. Gene Rhodes
11:00am The Future of Private Industry in Wildlife Damage Management
BellSouth Auditorium Mr. Jason Reger
11:45am LUNCH (included with registration)
Ballroom B
12:45pm Efficacy of Predator Control: Importance of Space, Time and Predator Diversity
BellSouth Auditorium Dr. Mike Conner
1:30pm Regulated Commercial Harvest to Manage Overabundant White-tailed Deer: An Idea to Consider
BellSouth Auditorium Dr. Scott Hyngstrom
2:15pm Characterization of Habitat Attributes Associated with Wild Pig Vehicle Collision Locations BellSouth Auditorium James C. Beasley
2:35pm Beyond Surveillance:  Towards the management of feral swine diseases BellSouth Auditorium Michael J. Bodenchuk
2:55pm Wild Pig Attacks on Humans BellSouth Auditorium John J. Mayer
3:15pm BREAK (Posters and Exhibitors)
Bellsouth Auditorium Break Station
3:45pm Serologic Surveillance of Selected Pathogens in South Carolina’s Feral Pig Population BellSouth Auditorium Sheldon Owen
4:05pm Effects of opportunistic shooting on trap visitation by wild pigs BellSouth Auditorium Lindsey M. Phillips
4:25pm Feral Swine DNA
BellSouth Auditorium Joe N. Caudell
5:30pm Social sponsored by Clemson University - School of Agricultural, Forest and Env. Sci. Ballroom B
6:30pm Dinner (included with registration) Ballroom B


Wednesday 3.27.13

TIME Concurrent Session I - Avian (BellSouth Auditorium)
Concurrent Session II - Rodents (Ballroom A)
8:00am Blackbird population management to protect ripening sunflower: A historical review. Bradley Blackwell.
Field assessment of the effectiveness of DiazaCon on reducing gray squirrel reproduction and population. Kristina Dunn.
8:20am Parasites of culled double-crested cormorants from the Eastern U.S. Kate Sheehan.
An overview of the Chesapeake Bay Nutria Eradication Project. Stephen Kendrot.
8:40am Nest Site Selection, Habitat Use, and Food Habits of Monk Parakeets in Dallas and Tarrant Counties, Texas. Janet Reed.
Methods for detecting nutria in an eradication campaign in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Stephen Kendrot.
9:00am Brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) response to pyrotechnics and lethal control in a controlled setting. Travis DeVault.
Prairie Dog Management and Conservation Benefits. Mike Bodenchuk.
9:20am Managing raptors to reduce wildlife strikes at Chichago's O'Hare International Airport. Travis Geurrant.
New rodenticides: update on recent trails. Gary Witmer.
Break (Bellsouth Auditorium Break Station) Break (Bellsouth Auditorium Break Station)

General Paper Session II (Bellsouth Auditorium)

10:00am The Need to Address Black-backed Jackal and Caracal Predation in South Africa.
David Bergman
10:20am Human-tiger conflict in India.
Randeep Singh
10:40am Lack of support for coyote control of raccoon populations predicted by the mesopredator release hypothesis.
Cady Etheredge
11:00am Bird use of solar photovoltaic installations at U.S. airports: implications for airport safety.
Travis DeVault
11:20am Evaluating subsonic .308 ammunition for use in wildlife damage management.
Joe Caudell
11:40am Why did the terrapin cross the runway? Laura Francoeur
12:00pm Lunch (Ballroom B)
General Paper Session III (Bellsouth Auditorium)
1:00pm Trends in wildlife strike reporting at the New York City airports after flight 1549.
Jeff Kolodzinski
1:20pm Avian Survey Methods for Use on Airports.
Bradley Blackwell
1:40pm Efficacy of raccoon eviction fluid: A trial evaluation
Steve Vantassel
2:00pm National wildlife control training program.
Steve Vantassel
2:20pm Deer-activated bio-acoustic frightening device deters white-tailed deer. Scott Hygnstrom
2:50pm Break
Bellsouth Auditorium Break Station
3:20pm Use of underpasses and fencing to mitigate deer-vehicle collisions on I-80 in eastern Nebraska.
Aaron Hildreth
3:40pm Advances in the modern snare.
Pat Jackson
4:00pm Wastewater treatment wetlands: potential hazardous wildlife attractants for airports.
Robert Kennamer
4:20pm Business Meeting of the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group
5:30pm Social Hour - Cash Bar
6:30pm Dinner Speaker - Dr. Patrick McMillan, Host of the ETV program "Expeditions with Patrick McMillan"


Thursday 3.28.13

8:00am Board bus at Madren Center for field tour (requires additional registration fee)
Madren Center Lobby
8:15am Depart Madren Center for field tours with various stops around Clemson University and the Clemson Experimental Forest.
Clemson Area
Noon Travel to Athens, GA (Box lunch provided on bus)

Tour of University of Georgia Deer Research Facility

Athens, GA
5:00pm Social and BBQ Dinner at Warnell Flinchum's Phoenix - Sponsored by Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Athens, GA
7:30pm Depart Athens, GA and return to Madren Conference Center, Clemson, SC. Expected return time of approximately 9:30 pm

Please be sure to visit our exhibitors and posters during breaks and lunch.
Please click here for a download version of the Agenda.