College of Health, Education and Human Development

Vision and Mission

HEHD Motto

“The Engaged College with a Personal Touch”

Our Vision

The College of Health, Education, and Human Development (HEHD) will be the innovative force for creating collaborative models to enhance community well-being thus providing a foundation for social and economic development.

Our Mission

The College of HEHD will be recognized for innovative and multidisciplinary instruction, research, and outreach/service that supports and enhances human capabilities across all life stages and environments by preparing skilled professionals and creative leaders and by building healthy, well-educated communities.

Linking Research, Teaching and Public Service

Faculty will establish an integrated approach for addressing health, education and human development issues that links faculty teaching, research and outreach/service activities.
  • Interdisciplinary collaborative teams will establish well-being indicators that guide national models for “best practices” with program and policy implications.
  • Community-focused collaborative research, training and outreach/service activities will provide synergy among faculty teams. 
  • Successful outcomes will be equated to “quality of life” and contribute to the economic base. 
  • Student-centered focus on social sciences and applied research will add value to the student (undergraduate and graduate) experience and extend faculty scholarship.