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About the College of Health, Education and Human Development



Transforming Quality of Life

The College of Health, Education and Human Development recognizes that health, environment and communities are critical to creating and sustaining prosperous societies. With that understanding, the College equips students with both content knowledge and critical thinking skills that will help them impact each of these areas, both during and after their years at Clemson.

Through the College's programs and collaborative professional networks, community, state, national and international leaders are shaped. During their time here, future leaders learn the skills required to help transform and empower quality of life – in South Carolina and beyond.

The College was formed in 1995, offering award-winning programs in nursing, public health sciences, parks, recreation and tourism management, and youth, family and community studies.


“The Engaged College with a Personal Touch”


The College will be the innovative force for creating collaborative models to enhance individual, family and community health and well-being, providing a foundation for social and economic development.


The College will be recognized for innovative and multidisciplinary instruction, research, and outreach/service that supports and enhances human capabilities across all life stages and environments by preparing skilled professionals and creative leaders and by building healthy, well-educated communities.

Guiding Principles

  • The College of Health, Education, and Human Development strives for excellence in teaching, research and outreach/service while developing human potential.
  • Our teaching prepares skilled professionals and creative leaders.
  • Our research validates the creation of national models for “best practices” and policies.
  • Our outreach/service provides research-based programs and services.
  • Our faculty, staff and students’ professional development adds value to the college.