College of Health, Education and Human Development

Change of Major

Restrictive majors within the College of HEHD are: nursing, health science, early childhood, elementary education, and secondary education (social studies and English). Restrictive majors may require an application or essay for admission. With the exception of parks, recreation, and tourism management (PRTM), students can only apply twice into any restrictive program within the college. Priority is typically given to applicants with a GPR above the minimum requirement. It is recommended that interested students take courses offered (not restricted by major) during their freshmen and sophomore years prior to application. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog, specifically the HEHD section, to look at specific course requirements.

If you have general questions regarding admission into majors within the College of HEHD majors, please contact the advisor listed for that major on the advisors page.

  • Education

    Clemson University Eugene T. Moore School of EducationAll students wishing to change to any education major must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPR. Admission into the early childhood education, elementary education, special education, and secondary education (social studies and English) majors is limited and competitive, and an application and essay are required.

    Policy for change of major applications:  Decisions are made once a year at the end of the fall semester.  The application is online and becomes available the first day of classes in the fall term. Applications are due the first wednesday in December.  Students must meet with an advisor in person to receive access to the application.  Decisions are made prior to the semester following the submission of the application.


  • Nursing

    Clemson University School of NursingAdmission into the major is very competitive and an application is required. Students must have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPR and must complete two required sciences in the nursing curriculum with a minimum grade of C. Applications for change of major are available January 1 of each year and are due by January 31st each year; application materials are available online either through the School of Nursing’s website or on this website. Decisions are made March 1st following the application deadline. Please see Nursing Change of Major FAQ for more information.

  • Public Health Sciences

    Clemson University Department of Public Health ScienceAdmission is competitive and an application is required. Admission is not guaranteed. The application is available once a year beginning the first weekday in November through the last day of classes in December. Students with less than 50 hours earned may apply to change their major into health science with a minimum cumulative GPR of a 2.25. Students with 50 or more credit hours may apply if space is available, pending the following restrictions:
    • Completion of the health science mathematics and statistics requirements and the general education natural science requirement;
    • Minimum cumulative grade point ratio of 2.5;

    Students should contact the HEHD Academic Advising Center for information on how to fill out the application.  Change of major decisions will be determined by submitting the completed application, space in the program by cohort graduation date, competitive GPA, and completed credit hours. Please see advisor for more specifics.


  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

    Clemson University Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism ManagementWhen space is available, a student may change majors to one of the degree concentrations in PRTM with a 2.0 cumulative GPR, at least 30 credit hours earned or in progress, and approval of the department chair or his/her designee. This applies to the following concentration areas: community recreation, sport, and camp management; park and protected area management; professional golf management; recreational therapy; and travel and tourism. Please see your advisor for more specifics.