College of Health, Education and Human Development

Study Abroad

Clemson University Study Abroad Program

Interested in study abroad opportunities?

If so, here is the process: 

  1. Contact the Office of International Affairs and speak with an adviser to select a list of possible programs that cater to your interests.

  2. Meet Micky Ward, academic advisor (HEHD) and study abroad liaison, to determine which study abroad program best fits your needs.

  3. Meet Gail Woods, financial aid counselor, concerning financial aid options and possible scholarships.

  4. Submit all required documents including applications, letter of recommendation, transcript, and the course approval form to the Office of International Affairs. 

  5. Say sayonara, ciao, adios, au revior, kwaheri, auf Wiedersehen, zai jian, or goodbye to the United States and hello to a new world of experiences.

Do not wait until senior year to plan your trip.  Participating in a study abroad program late in your collegiate experience may affect time of graduation.

For more information contact:

Office of International Affairs
E-309 Martin Hall
(864) 656-2457 (phone)
(864) 656-6468 (fax)

Micky Ward
Academic Advising Center
309 Edward Hall
(864) 656-0371 (phone)
(864) 656-1688 (fax)

Gail Woods
Financial Aid Office
GO1 Sikes Hall
(864) 656-5087 (phone)
(864) 656-1831 (fax)