School of Education


Proffesor Whitley with studentAll teacher education bachelor's degree programs lead to teacher certification. In addition, the School of Education’s Master of Arts in Teaching also leads to initial teacher certification. Within these Web pages is detailed information on Clemson’s degree program initial level certification process. If you need additional help, please contact Kristin Goodneow, an academic advisor for educators, 864-656-5495.

Graduate programs in the School of Education in school counseling and educational leadership also lead to advanced certification. If you want to apply for school counseling or principal/superintendent certification as a non-degree student, you can contact Amy Milsom for school counseling or Rob Knoeppel for principal or certification counseling.

With regard to state certification for non-Clemson education students, please see State Certification Information.

If you do not find the information you are looking for within this section of the site, please contact Kristin Goodneow at 864-656-1503.