School of Education

Activities for Initiative 4

  • 2013-14 Activities for Initiative 4

    1. The Office of Global Engagement has been restructuring to internationalize the campus and curriculum, and presently in the process of hiring a Director of Partnerships and Initiatives to identify, cultivate and manage international partnerships and global initiatives.
    2. The Chief Diversity Officer sponsored a Symposium on Advancing Faculty Diversity. This symposium featured a series of workshop sessions that provided practical strategies and solutions that addressed the challenges and opportunities associated with attracting, recruiting, hiring, mentoring and retaining diverse faculty and postdoctoral students at Clemson University.
    3. The Chief Diversity Officer and Office of the Provost purchased a program (National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity) to help with untenured faculty retention and doctoral experience at Clemson University.
    4. The Chief Diversity Officer announced the Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Incentive Grant Fund of up to $5,000 in May 2014 to support faculty activities or project that promotes equal opportunity, diversity, equity and intercultural understanding. The fund is intended to support faculty, staff and students through the creation of new opportunities for interaction, innovative and creative approaches to engaging a broad cross-section of the university community in issues related to diversity, inclusion, cross cultural learning and climate enhancement activities with a primary emphasis on student learning. Multiple year awards are available for project activities that are exceptionally successful and evidence broad impact.
  • 2012-13 Activities for Initiative 4

    1. TE and LCH faculty searches recruited diverse faculty through advertising in media that reaches diverse populations as well as posting ads in professional journals that target African American and other minority scholars
    2. Seven SoE faculty searches were completed:
      • 283 applicants: 66% female, 24% minority
      • 24 interviewed: 80% female, 25% minority
      • 7 hired: 88% female, 29% minority
    3. Disability Services Office provided information to new SoE faculty about their office and services available to faculty.
    4. President’s Commission on the Status of Women
      a. Making a Difference through Influencing Administrative Action
      • Organized and hosted a Convergence Meeting of campus wide constituencies, resulting in the Clemson Leaders Group.
      • Established a mentoring program for staff through Human Resources.
      • Negotiated with the Office of Access and Equity and Redfern's Counseling and Psychological Services to offer confidential psychological counseling for victims of sexual harassment.
      • Secured administrative support for expansion of the Career Center's employment services to aid spouses and partners of faculty and staff locating to Clemson.
      • Updated and improved annual correspondence from the President to faculty and staff on the issue of amorous relationships involving students.
      b. Making a Difference in the Future by Setting High Goals
      • Continuing to monitor salaries of faculty and staff to ensure equity.
      • Examining trends in academic and administrative appointments and encouraging the appointment of more women to senior positions.
      • Examining hiring practices for fairness and consistency.
      • Examining trends in tenure and promotion.
      • Continuing to promote use of Career Services for spouses of new hires.
      • Working to improve security on campus.
      • Conducting an encompassing status analysis for women and minorities.
      c. Making a Difference Through Raising Awareness of Women's Issues
      • Co-sponsors lectures and forums by prominent women scholars
      • Recognizes the achievements of women faculty and staff through an annual awards program
      • Presented results of a campus wide random sexual harassment survey on the Women's Commission website:
      • Delegates sent to represent Clemson University at the annual meetings of the South Carolina Women in Higher Education
      • Worked on ad hoc committee for a Faculty and Staff Club
    5. Chief Diversity Office
      The Chief Diversity Office conducts the following activities to retain and recruit students, faculty and staff of color.
      • Sponsor an annual welcome/information reception for faculty and graduate students of color and a similar reception for new undergraduates and parents
      • Sponsor a faculty development workshop for pre-tenured faculty and graduate students of color each semester
      • Established the Civil Treatment Program for managers to improve the relations between employee/supervisor on campus and to enhance the climate in the workplace and productivity
      • Assist LGBT students, staff and faculty develop an present a proposal to establish an LGBT Task Force on the Clemson campus
      • Serve as an ex-officio member of the President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff
      • Serve as a member of an employee relations committee which meets monthly to consider employee satisfaction and complaint issues (all employees)
      • Advise the President on diversity matters
      • Review all investigations conducted by access & equity staff regarding complaints of harassment or discrimination
      • Recruit faculty at the Southern Regional Education Board Annual Conference
      • Address the University Provost, Deans and the Associate Deans(Diversity Coordinators) regarding the importance of a diverse pool of  applicants for all available positions at the university
      • Served on a number of administrative search committees which includes searches for Chief Human Resource Officer, Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Dean of the School of Architecture, Art and Humanities
      • The CDO places strategic recruitment adds in the following publications. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education Conference Program, The South Carolina Black pages, The Kappa Newsletter, the Hispanic Women’s Association Annual Gala Program, The MLK Dream Weekend Program
    6. Office of Access and Equity
      • SREB Teaching and Mentoring Conference – Recruit SREB Doctoral Scholars for faculty positions
      • SREB Doctoral Scholars Directory – Purchase and make database accessible to faculty search committees
      • Future Faculty Program – Host new PhDs on campus to present research to interested CU departments
      • College Community and Diversity Coordinators -  Work with associate deans from each academic college to develop plans and activities to increase diversity
      • Consult with search committees to assist in the faculty/staff search process
      • Provide recruitment resources on website
      • Attend and advertise at conferences and recruiting events (Black Expo, Black Pages, Urban League, etc.)
      • Invite speakers to campus to discuss diversity related topics
      • President’s Commission on Black Faculty and Staff – Serve as a resource to this group to gather data, present trends, and develop strategies for addressing concerns
      • Investigate and resolve faculty/staff complaints of harassment/discrimination 
    7. The Chief Diversity Office hosted a Seminar on “Common Challenges Faced by Under-Represented Faculty In the Tenure Process:  Strategies For Success”. It was presented by Kerry Ann Rockquemore, the President and CEO National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. Dr.  Rockquemore is the Author of “The Black Academic’s Guide to Winning Tenure -Without Losing Your Soul”. The Seminar was held in September 2012 in Seminar Room I, at Madren Center.
    8. The Office of Global Engagement has hired a new director of international services (Andy Kabasele) in March 2013, to help coordinate nonimmigrant worker’s visa petitions, e.g. H-1B/permanent residency petitions, as well as other federally-required documents for international faculty hired by Clemson. The director’s office is also charged with advising the various hiring units on campus on essential requirements regarding the hiring of, and the subsequent maintenance of employment eligibility for international faculty and staff at Clemson.
    9. Dr. Pam Havice received the Outstanding Woman Faculty Award presented by the President’s Commission on Women
  • 2011-12 Activities for Initiative 4

    1. The SoE conducted 11 faculty searches this year:
      • 284 applicants, 52.8% female, 54.6% minority
      • 34 were interviewed, 38% female, 23.5% minority
      • 9 were hired, 67% female, 22% minority (many more were offered, but they took other positions)
    2. The Disability Services Office offers workshops throughout the year that are open to anyone, provide information to all new faculty at orientation, offer consultation and support to all faculty, and work closely with faculty and staff senate, parking services, CAT bus, and general diversity initiatives on campus.
    3. The Office of Access and Equity monitored Clemson University’s hiring process to ensure compliance with affirmative action and equal employment opportunity for the faculty searches. The Office provided search flowcharts to departments with a quick reference to guide them through this process.
    4. The Office of International Services assisted two SoE faculty this year by coordinating and submitting nonimmigrant worker’s visa petitions (i.e., H-1B and permanent residency petitions) as well as helping them file federally-required documents with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), counseling and advising them regarding federal regulations and procedures related to their US immigration status, and assisting their families to obtain and maintain legal immigration status in the U.S.
    5. The Office of International Services met several times with the Director of the School of Education this year to provide critical support in our hiring of, and subsequent maintenance of employment eligibility for, international faculty and staff who otherwise have no authorization to work at Clemson.
    6. The Clemson Chief Diversity Officer helped to facilitate visits by minority and women candidates for faculty positions.
    7. The Clemson Chief Diversity Officer (and several Clemson faculty and students) attended the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Institute on Teaching and Mentoring Oct 20-23, 2011 to recruit scholars for Clemson faculty positions. The Institute is the largest gathering of minority doctoral students in the country. 
    8. The Clemson Chief Diversity Officer sponsored 10 graduate students and 2 staff to attend the Tenth National Best Practices Conference.
    9. The Clemson Chief Diversity Officer established a partnership with the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity to offer training and network resources to underrepresented faculty employed at the university.
    10. The Clemson Chief Diversity Officer sponsored the Civil Treatment Training Program for Managers to improve the climate at the university to benefit all employees.
    11. The Clemson Black Alumni Council sponsored many events throughout the year, particularly at Homecoming to provide a social outlet for African Americans at Clemson University.
    12. School of Education Spring retreat: The ILEP Fellows (International Leaders in Education Program) were guest attendees.  Each individual was self-introduced, providing information on where they were from, what they teach and where their interests lie.  Also attending were Ashley Snell with International Research and Exchanges Board, the organization which manages ILEP for the US Department of State and Maxine Lunn with the US Department of State.