School of Nursing

Full-Time Faculty

roxanneamerson Roxanne Amerson 
Assistant Professor
BSN, Regents College; MSN, Clarkson College; PhD Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Home Health and Community Health
Certifications: Transcultural Nursing-Advanced, ANCC Professional Nursing Development
Research Interests: Service learning and cultural competence; Latino health issues; international nursing
at UCG center
portia botchway Portia A. Botchway 
Senior Lecturer
Skills Lab Coordinator, Clinical Learning and Research Center
BSN, Hampton Institute; MSN, University of Maryland
Clinical Specialties: Adult Health
Research Interests: Breast cancer psychosexual implications; chronic diseases in adults; nursing student success on the NCLEX
440 Edwards
(864) 656-5485
terry busby

Terry H. Busby
Lecturer, Clinical Instructor
BSN, Clemson University; MSN, Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Pediatrics
Research Interests: Breast-feeding, Infant-maternal bonding
Certifications: PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
417 Edwards

stephanie davis Stephanie Davis 
Associate Professor; Graduate Coordinator
BSN, Armstrong; MSN, Georgia Southern; PhD, University of South Carolina
Clinical Specialty: Women's Health
Certification: FNP
Research Interests: Quality of life with breast cancer, sexuality, body image, social support
411 Edwards
(864) 656-2588
jane deluca Jane M. DeLuca
Assistant Professor
BS, MS, PhD; University of Rochester School of Nursing
Clinical Specialty: newborn screening, genetics, and pediatrics
Certification: CPNP
Research Interests: newborn screening
 421 Edwards
lisa duggan Lisa Duggan 
Assistant Professor
BSN, MS Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Women's Health
Certification: FNP
Research Interests: Postpartum depression, Elective cesarean sections
437 Edwards
(864) 656-3268
julia eggert Julia A. Eggert 
Professor | Coordinator, Doctoral Program
BSN, University of Kansas; MN, University of Kansas; PhD, Clemson University
Clinical Specialties: Gerontological Nursing and Oncology
Research Interest: Breast Cancer (early detection and prevention), dementia care mapping and culture change interventions
528A Edwards - (864) 656-7938
103 University Center - (864) 250-6704
nancy ewing Nancy Ewing 
BS, MS, Clemson University
Clinical Specialites Adult Geriatric, Medical/Surgical
Certifications: CNS, BC
530 Edwards
(864) 656-1765
tracy fasolino

Tracy Fasolino
Assistant Professor
FNP, Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Research Areas:  Systems and simulation
Office: 405 Edwards Hall
Phone: 864-656-5078   

jackie gillespie

Jackie S. Gillespie 
Senior Lecturer
BS, Clemson University; MN, University of SC
Clinical Specialties: Community Health Nursing
Research Interests: Service learning, fundamentals of nursing
Certification: CNE
429 Edwards
(864) 656-5861

christina Hernandez Christina Hernandez
Assistant Professor
BSN, MSN, Ph.D; University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Certification: RN
Research Interests: health disparities, latina womens health, health promotion and health prevention 
516 Edwards
Bonnie Holladay Bonnie Holaday 
BS, Ph.D, Arizona State University, Nursing; MN, University of California, Los Angeles, Pediatric Nursing; DNS, University of California, San Francisco, Pediatric Nursing: Child Development, Management and Leadership in Higher Education
412 Edwards
(864) 656-6288
janice lanham Janice Lanham 
BS, MSN, Clemson University ; FNP, University of South Carolina
Certifications: CCNS
Clinical Specialties: Critical Care, CNS
Research Interests: Health disparities in minority and underserved populations; Use of technology and innovative teaching/learning styles in the classroom; Critical Care
425 Edwards
(864) 656-1065
Kristen Massa Kristen Mauney Massa
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certifications: RN
Clinical Specialties: Maternal/Child Nursing
520 Edwards
nancy meehan Nancy K. Meehan 
Associate Professor
BSN, Medical University of SC; MSN, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Specialties: Nursing Informatics and Research; Adult Health
Research Interests: Health Communication and Information, nursing informatics
439 Edwards
(864) 656-5508
lindsey montjoy Lindsey Montjoy
BS, MS, Clemson University
Clinical Specialty:
Research Interests:
522 Edwards
(864) 656-1515
catherine murton Catherine Murton
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certifications: CNE, RN-BC
Clinical Specialty: Medical/Surgical and Geriatrics
Research Interests: End of life care, simulation and nursing education
419 Edwards
(864) 656-1754
veronica parker Veronica G. Parker 
BS, College of Charleston; BS, Clemson University; PhD, Medical University of SC
Clinical Specialty: Bio-statistics
Research Interests: Health disparities related to obesity and related illnesses; health risk assessment
404 Edwards
(864) 656-0984
rosanne pruitt Rosanne H. Pruitt 
Professor | Director, School of Nursing
BSN, Emory University; MN, University of SC; PhD, University of Maryland
Certifications: RNCS, FNP
Clinical Specialties: Community Health Nursing and Primary Care
Research Interests: Health promotion & policy evaluation
510 Edwards - (864) 656-7622
106 University Center - (864) 250-8879
angela pye Angela Pye 
BS, MS, Clemson University
Research Interests: Improving clinical learning; health care issues of the adult client
436 Edwards
(864) 656-0625
kelly smith Kelly Smith 
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certification: FNP
Clinical Specialties: Community Health, Pediatrics
Research Interests: NP autonomy
418 Edwards
(864) 656-1145
mary beth steck Mary Beth Steck
BS, MS, PhD Clemson University
Certification: ANCC, FNP
Clinical Specialties:
Research Interests:
442 Edwards
wanda taylor Wanda Taylor
Assistant professor
BS, BSN, PhD Georgia Health Sciences University
Certification: RN
Clinical Specialties: Geriatric Nursing, hospice and palliative care
Research Interests: Hispanic/Latino populations, underserved populations and aged populations
433 Edwards
heidi temples Heide S. Temples 
BSN, Michigan State University;MSN, University of Texas at Arlington
Certification: PNP
Clinical Specialties: Pediatrics, Adolescent & College Health
Research Interests: Obesity, Genetics, Breastfeeding, Family Planning, Ethics & Policy
518 Edwards
(864) 656-4384
shirley timmons Shirley M. Timmons 
Associate Professor
BSN, MN, PhD, University of South Carolina
Research Interests: Minority health, health disparities, HIV/AIDS prevention, church-based health services, health promotion
Certification: CNE
528 Edwards
(864) 656-2169
joy vess Joy Vess
BSN, MN, DNP, Ph.D, University of South Carolina
Research Interests:
Certification: ACLS/PALS
444 Edwards
leslie wagner Leslie Wagner 
BS, The University of Iowa; MS, Clemson University
Certifications: RN
Clinical Specialties: Med/Surg Nursing
422 Edwards
(864) 656-1437
sheri webster Sheri Webster 
BSN, Clemson University; MSN, Mercer University
Certifications: Certified Specialist in Poison information, Nurse Administrator
Research Interests: Administrative innovations for the nation's poison control centers, advanced education for the career nurse, life-long learning
522 Edwards
(864) 656-3271
ann wetsel Margaret Ann Wetsel 
Associate Professor
BSN, Indiana University; MS, Ohio State University; PhD, University of Texas at Austin; CNS
Clinical Specialties: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Research Interests: Limited Nutrition, Poverty, ADD
438 Edwards - (864) 656-5527
109 University Center - (864) 250-6706
john whitcomb John J Whitcomb 
Assistant Professor, Fellow of Critical Care Medicine
BSN, Medical University South Carolina; MSN, Marymount University; PhD, University of San Diego
Research Interests: Critical Care, Resuscitative Outcomes, Ethics, Military Nursing, Leadership Certification: CCRN
514 Edwards - (864) 656-1741
deb willoughby Deborah F. Willoughby 
Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator
BS, MS, Clemson University; PhD, Georgia State University
Certifications: CS
Clinical Specialties: Med/Surg Nursing and Adult Health
Research Interests: Diabetes, foot care, underserved populations, lay health advisors
409 Edwards
(864) 656-1437
jean zavertnik Jean Ellen Zavertnik
Simulation Director, Lecturer
BSN Radford University, MN University of South Carolina, DNP Radford University
Certifications: ACNS-BS, CNE
Clinical Specialties: Adult Healthl Cardiology
Research Interests: Simulation, Heart Failure
Office: 200A Edwards Hall