School of Nursing

Full-Time Faculty

roxanneamerson Roxanne Amerson 
Assistant Professor
BSN, Regents College; MSN, Clarkson College; PhD Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Home Health and Community Health
Certifications: Transcultural Nursing-Advanced, ANCC Professional Nursing Development
Research Interests: Service learning and cultural competence; Latino health issues; international nursing
at UCG center
portia botchway Portia A. Botchway 
Senior Lecturer
Skills Lab Coordinator, Clinical Learning and Research Center
BSN, Hampton Institute; MSN, University of Maryland
Clinical Specialties: Adult Health
Research Interests: Breast cancer psychosexual implications; chronic diseases in adults; nursing student success on the NCLEX
440 Edwards
(864) 656-5485
terry busby

Terry H. Busby
Lecturer, Clinical Instructor
BSN, Clemson University; MSN, Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Pediatrics
Research Interests: Breast-feeding, Infant-maternal bonding
Certifications: PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
433 Edwards

Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis 
Assistant Professor
BSN, New York University; MSN, Duke University; PhD, Georgia State University
Clinical Specialty: Geriatrics and adult health
Certification: GNP, AGPCNP
Research Interests: Urinary Incontinence & Chronic illness management in elderly, Health IT/informatics, Family Caregiver Support
107 University Center
(864) 250-6752

stephanie davis Stephanie Davis 
Associate Professor; Graduate Coordinator
BSN, Armstrong; MSN, Georgia Southern; PhD, University of South Carolina
Clinical Specialty: Women's Health
Certification: FNP
Research Interests: Quality of life with breast cancer, sexuality, body image, social support
411 Edwards
(864) 656-2588
jane deluca Jane M. DeLuca
Assistant Professor
BS, MS, PhD; University of Rochester School of Nursing
Clinical Specialty: newborn screening, genetics, and pediatrics
Certification: CPNP
Research Interests: newborn screening
 421 Edwards
lisa duggan Lisa Miller
Assistant Professor
PhD, BSN, MS Clemson University
Clinical Specialty: Women's Health
Certification: FNP
Research Interests: Postpartum depression, Elective cesarean sections
437 Edwards
(864) 656-3268
julia eggert

Julia A. Eggert 
Professor | Coordinator, Doctoral Program
BSN, University of Kansas; MN, University of Kansas; PhD, Clemson University
Clinical Specialties: Gerontological Nursing and Oncology

Certifications: GNP-BC, AGN-BC and AOCN
Research Interest: Breast Cancer (early detection and prevention), dementia care mapping and culture change interventions
528A Edwards - (864) 656-7938
103 University Center - (864) 250-6704

nancy ewing Nancy Ewing 
Senior Lecturer
BS, MS, Clemson University
Clinical Specialties: Adult Geriatric, Medical/Surgical
Certifications: CNS, BC
530 Edwards
(864) 656-1765
tracy fasolino

Tracy Fasolino
Assistant Professor
FNP, Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Research Areas:  Systems and simulation
Office: 405 Edwards Hall
Phone: 864-656-5078   

jackie gillespie

Jackie S. Gillespie 
Senior Lecturer
BS, Clemson University; MN, University of SC
Clinical Specialties: Community Health Nursing
Research Interests: Service learning, fundamentals of nursing
Certification: CNE
429 Edwards
(864) 656-5861

janice lanham Janice Lanham 
Senior Lecturer
BS, MSN, Clemson University; FNP, University of South Carolina
Certifications: CCNS
Clinical Specialties: Critical Care, CNS
Research Interests: Health disparities in minority and underserved populations; Use of technology and innovative teaching/learning styles in the classroom; Critical Care
425 Edwards
Kristen Massa Kristen Mauney Massa
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certifications: RN
Clinical Specialties: Maternal/Child Nursing
520 Edwards
nancy meehan Nancy K. Meehan 
Associate Professor
BSN, Medical University of SC; MSN, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Specialties: Nursing Informatics and Research; Adult Health
Research Interests: Health Communication and Information, nursing informatics
439 Edwards
(864) 656-5508
lindsey montjoy Lindsey Montjoy
BS, MS, Clemson University
Clinical Specialty:
Research Interests:
522 Edwards
(864) 656-1515
catherine murton Catherine Murton
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certifications: CNE, RN-BC
Clinical Specialty: Medical/Surgical and Geriatrics
Research Interests: End of life care, simulation and nursing education
419 Edwards
(864) 656-1754
veronica parker Veronica G. Parker 
BS, College of Charleston; BS, Clemson University; PhD, Medical University of SC
Clinical Specialty: Bio-statistics
Research Interests: Health disparities related to obesity and related illnesses; health risk assessment
404 Edwards
(864) 656-0984
rosanne pruitt Rosanne H. Pruitt 
BSN, Emory University; MN, University of SC; PhD, University of Maryland
Certifications: RNCS, FNP
Clinical Specialties: Community Health Nursing and Primary Care
Research Interests: Health promotion & policy evaluation
412 Edwards - (864) 656-5528
106 University Center - (864) 250-8879
angela pye Angela Pye 
Senior Lecturer
BS, MS, Clemson University
Research Interests: Improving clinical learning; health care issues of the adult client
436 Edwards
(864) 656-0625
kelly smith Kelly Smith 
Senior Lecturer
BS, MS, Clemson University
Certification: FNP
Clinical Specialties: Community Health, Pediatrics
Research Interests: NP autonomy
418 Edwards
(864) 656-1145
Mary Beth Steck Mary Beth Steck
Assistant Professor
BSN, University of Iowa; MS, PhD Clemson University
Certification: ANCC, FNP
Clinical Specialties: Family Practice, Genetics
Research Interests: familial cutaneous malignant melanoma, genetic discrimination, and relationship of autism spectrum disorder with seizure development
444 Edwards
wanda taylor Wanda Taylor
Assistant Professor
BS, BSN, PhD Georgia Health Sciences University
Certification: RN
Clinical Specialties: Geriatric Nursing, hospice and palliative care
Research Interests: Hispanic/Latino populations, underserved populations and aged populations
UCG center
heidi temples Heide S. Temples 
Assistant Professor
BSN, Michigan State University; MSN, University of Texas at Arlington
Certification: PNP
Clinical Specialties: Pediatrics, Adolescent & College Health
Research Interests: Obesity, Genetics, Breastfeeding, Family Planning, Ethics & Policy
518 Edwards
(864) 656-4384
Jason Thrift Jason M. Thrift
MS, BS, Clemson University
Research Interests: Med/Surg
Certification: RN
UCG center
shirley timmons Shirley M. Timmons 
Associate Professor
BSN, MN, PhD, University of South Carolina
Research Interests: Minority health, health disparities, HIV/AIDS prevention, church-based health services, health promotion
Certification: CNE
528 Edwards
(864) 656-2169
leslie wagner Leslie Wagner 
BS, The University of Iowa; MS, Clemson University
Certifications: RN
Clinical Specialties: Med/Surg Nursing
442 Edwards
(864) 656-1437
sheri webster Sheri Webster 
BSN, Clemson University; MSN, Mercer University
Certifications: Certified Specialist in Poison information, Nurse Administrator
Research Interests: Administrative innovations for the nation's poison control centers, advanced education for the career nurse, life-long learning
524 Edwards
(864) 656-3271
ann wetsel Margaret Ann Wetsel 
Associate Professor / Interim Director School of Nursing
BSN, Indiana University; MS, Ohio State University; PhD, University of Texas at Austin; CNS
Clinical Specialties: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Research Interests: Limited Nutrition, Poverty, ADD
510 Edwards - (864) 656-4758
109 University Center - (864) 250-6706
john whitcomb John J Whitcomb 
Assistant Professor, Fellow of Critical Care Medicine
BSN, Medical University South Carolina; MSN, Marymount University; PhD, University of San Diego
Research Interests: Critical Care, Resuscitative Outcomes, Ethics, Military Nursing, Leadership Certification: CCRN
514 Edwards - (864) 656-1741
deb willoughby Deborah F. Willoughby 
Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator
BS, MS, Clemson University; PhD, Georgia State University
Certifications: CS
Clinical Specialties: Med/Surg Nursing and Adult Health
Research Interests: Diabetes, foot care, underserved populations, lay health advisors
409 Edwards
(864) 656-1437
jean zavertnik Jean Ellen Zavertnik
Simulation Director, Lecturer
BSN Radford University, MN University of South Carolina, DNP Radford University
Certifications: ACNS-BS, CNE
Clinical Specialties: Adult Health Cardiology
Research Interests: Simulation, Heart Failure
Office: 200A Edwards Hall