School of Nursing


hillarie brown
Hillarie Brown 
Student Services Program Coordinator
Masters and Accelerated Second Degree Programs
University Center of Greenville
Phone: (864) 250-6702
ellen chiles

Ellen Chiles
Student Services Program Coordinator
RN-BS and Doctoral Programs
University Center of Greenville
Phone: (864) 250-8881

kim finely
Kimberly Finley 
Undergraduate Student Services Program Coordinator
506 Edwards
(864) 656-7382
janice martin
Janice Martin 
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Rosanne Pruitt
508 Edwards
(864) 656-7622
robin metler Robin Metler
HR and Clinical Coordinator
504 Edwards Hall
Phone: (864) 656-5746
cynthia Cynthia Mihalchick
Administrative Assistant
University Center of Greenville
(864) 250-6701
 nancy watkins


Nancy Watkins 
Purchasing and Vouchers
512 Edwards
(864) 656-5989

patilee tate
Dr. Patilee Tate  
Research Staff
441 Edwards
(864) 656-3666