The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Dr. William C. Norman

Tel: 864-617-3582
Location: 275B Lehotsky Hall

B.S. University of Minnesota (Recreation Resource Management)
M.S. Michigan State University (Park and Recreation Resources)
Ph.D University of Minnesota (Division of Recreation, Park and Leisure Services)

Research Interests:

Over the last 30 years Dr. Norman has conducted a wide range of recreation and tourism research for private, federal, state and local recreation and tourism organizations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia and Wisconsin.  His research has focused on community tourism development, leisure travel decision making, tourism marketing and the study of niche travel markets (i.e., agritourism, heritage tourism, sport tourism, fisheries tourism, culinary tourism and nature-based tourism).  His current research examines the contribution and impact of tourism to the sustainability rural and coastal communities and regions.  Dr. Norman works closely with graduate students from around the world conducting theoretically-based, applied recreation and tourism research that assists both the tourism industry and leisure service providers. 

Publications: (last 5 years)

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Research Grants (last ten years):

2012-14, Perceptions of marine aquaculture in coastal tourist destinations in US Southeastern Region. NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program. $140,524.  Principal Investigator: William C. Norman. Co-principal Investigators: Laurie Jodice, Clemson International Institute for Tourism Research & Development and Amber Von Harten, SC Sea Grant Extension Program.

2012-13, Oconee County visitor profile and segmentation study. Mountain Lakes Convention and Visitors Bureau. $10,000.  Principal Investigator: William C. Norman. Research Coordinator: Lorraine Lobascio.

2009-11, Development of an Action plan to Increase Sustainable and Regionally Appropriate use of Natural and Historic Resources in Union County, South Carolina.  United States Forest Service. $90,000. Co-Principal Investigators: Jeffrey Hallo, William Norman and Robert Brookover.

2008-10, Pee Dee Regional Agritourism Initiative. United States Department of Agriculture, RBEG Grant # #005 46-039-576000254. $96,866. Principal Investigator: Blake Lanford. Co-Investigators: Dr. David Lamie, Dr. Robert Brookover, Laurie Jodice and Dr. William Norman.

2009, Tourism Product Development Plan for Pickens County, South Carolina. Pickens County Office of Special Programs, $15,000. Co-principal Investigators: William C. Norman and Robert Brookover.

2008-09, Building Sustainable Community-Based Economic Development and Management Linkages between Traditional Coastal-Dependent Business and South Carolina’s Recreation and Tourism Industry.  South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, $101,103.  Co-Principal Investigators: William C. Norman and David Hughes.

2008-2009, Sustainable Tourism Destination/Centerpiece Project for Floyd and Patrick Counties in Southwestern Virginia in the Rocky Knob Area Associated with the Blue Ridge Parkway.  United States National Park Service and Blue Ridge Heritage, Inc., $266,202.  Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Nancy G. McGehee (Virginia Tech) and Dr. Jeffrey Hallo (Clemson University).

2007-08, Oconee County Resident Survey. Oconee County, SC. $6,000.  Principal Investigator: William C. Norman.

2007-08, Thoroughbred Country Tourist Conversion and Destination Branding Study. Lower Savannah Council of Governments.  $14,000.  Principal Investigator: William C. Norman

2006-07, Recreation Resource Management Competency-Improvement Project.  USDA Forest Service, $46,978.14.  Co-Principal Investigators: William C. Norman and Dr. Brett Wight.

2006, Economic Impacts of a proposed Cycling Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Rock Hill Dept of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, $10,000.  Co-Principal Investigators: W. C. Norman and M. S. Henry.

2005-06, South Carolina Marine Recreational Fishing Needs Assessment for Prioritizing Extension/ Outreach and Research, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium. $10,000. Co-Principal investigators:  William C. Norman and Laurie Jodice.

2005-06, Economic Impacts of a Proposed Velodrome in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Rock Hill Dept of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, $5,000.  Co-Principal Investigators: William C. Norman and Mark S. Henry.

2004-06, A Study of the Economic Impact of the MCI Heritage, Heritage Classic Foundation, $48,340.  Principal Investigator: Sheila J. Backman, Co-investigators: William C. Norman, Kenneth F. Backman, Robert Brookover and Mark Henry (Applied Economics and Statistics).

2003-05, Santee-Cooper Fishing Tourism Marketing Study, Recreation Boating and Fishing Foundation and Santee-Cooper Country, $27,230.  Co-Principal Investigators:  William C. Norman, Laurie Jodice, Gerard Kyle and Alan Marsinko (Department of Forestry).

2003-04, Shrimp and Culinary Tourism, Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, $41,000.  Co-Principal Investigators:  Laurie Jodice, Johnny MacGregor (Department of Food Science) and Marge Condrasky (Department of Food Science).

2003-04, Shrimp and Tourism in South Carolina, National Marine Fisheries Resources (NOAA), Part of the $400,000 Clemson University South Carolina Shrimp Fishery Assistance Project, $50,781.00. Co-Principal Investigators: William C. Norman Laurie Jodice. 

Courses Taught: Undergraduate:
  • PRTM 1010  Concepts of Leisure
  • PRTM 2980  Creative Inquiry (Culinary Tourism)
  • PRTM 3980  Creative Inquiry (Culinary Tourism)
  • PRTM 4980  Creative Inquiry (Culinary Tourism)
  • PRTM xxx    Edge Semester
  • PRTM 3010  Recreation and Society
  • PRTM 3090  Behavioral Concepts in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
  • PRTM 3420  Introduction to Tourism Management
  • PRTM 3430  Spatial Aspect of Tourist Behavior
  • PRTM 3450  Tourism Management
  • PRTM 3490  Survey of Tourism Sites
  • PRTM 3900  Independent Study
  • PRTM 3910  Selected Topics
  • PRTM 3920  Special Event Management (Online)
  • PRTM 4040  Field Training I
  • PRTM 4050  Field Training II
  • PRTM 4060  Senior Seminar (Travel and Tourism Emphasis)
  • PRTM 4410  Commercial Recreation
  • PRTM 4440  Tour Planning and Operations
  • PRTM 4460  Community Tourism Development
  • PRTM 4900  Senior Independent Study
  • PRTM 6410  Commercial Recreation
  • PRTM 6440  Tour Planning and Operations
  • PRTM 6460  Community Tourism Development
  • PRTM 7080  Independent Study
  • PRTM 7090  Special Problems
  • PRTM 8030  Seminar in Recreation and Park Administration
  • PRTM 8040  Independent Study
  • PRTM 8060  Special Problems
  • PRTM 8400  Tourism Planning
  • PRTM 8400  Tourism Planning (Online)
  • PRTM 8910  Masters Research
  • PRTM 9080  Advanced Topics
  • PRTM 9000  Selected Topic (Constraints to Leisure)
  • PRTM 9000  Selected Topic (Translating Consumer Behavior Research to Leisure and Tourism)
  • PRTM 9910  Doctoral Research