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About the PRTM EDGE Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of students who act as a representative for the students to the faculty in the EDGE semester. The SAB meets once a month and discusses how the semester is going for the students and the faculty members. Any changes that need to be made to curriculum, grading, scheduling, etc. are addressed. The SAB keeps the line of communication between the students and faculty open, and works with the faculty to make the EDGE experience the best it can be for the students. Members of the SAB are valuable not only to the faculty, but also to other students who have questions about what is going on, or issues that they would like to raise to the faculty.

How EDGE SAB members are chosen

The SAB members have volunteered to act as a sounding board for both the students and EDGE team. New members join the SAB near the end of the semester prior to their EDGE experience and continue to serve for two semesters after their EDGE experience. This way, experienced SAB members can act as mentors and guides for the new members throughout the new members' EDGE experience.

Meet the current EDGE SAB

Timmy Britton (EDGE 2012)
Megan Davis (EDGE 2012)
Margo Goodale (EDGE 2012)
Will Harker (EDGE 2012)
Justin Hughes (EDGE 2012)
Jessica Jones (EDGE 2012)
Hope Paccione (EDGE 2012)
Maggie Pautler (EDGE 2012)
Melissa Raines (EDGE 2012)
Kelli White (EDGE 2012)
Christopher Zeigler (EDGE 2012)


Meet the former EDGE SAB

Stephanie Baker (EDGE 2011)
Claire Peyton Bowman (EDGE 2011)
Rob Doneth (EDGE 2011)
Rachel Floyd (EDGE 2011)
Adam Fort (EDGE 2011)
Alan Garner (EDGE 2011)
Jessica Gibson (EDGE 2011)
Morgan Greene (EDGE 2010)
Nicole Greer (EDGE 2010)
Ann Hargrove (EDGE 2011)
Josh Hudson (EDGE 2010)
Allyson McCall (EDGE 2010)
Sarah Miller (EDGE 2011)
Edie Newton (EDGE 2010)
Marcus Plumb (EDGE 2011)
Jordan Plumbee (EDGE 2011)
James Revis (EDGE 2011)
Matt Tull (EDGE 2011)
Nicole Vest (EDGE 2011)
Ashley Walton (EDGE 2011)

Advice from the SAB to current EDGE students

Edie's take on what to expect during EDGE:

  • Do not register for any other class besides the core classes.
  • Keep your schedule open in case you have to go to see a presentation, go to a meeting, stay later during class, etc.
  • Schedule work and other activities around your EDGE semester hours.
  • Always ask questions if you do not understand what is being taught.
  • Be proactive and take initiative on assignments and projects.
  • Do all the reading that is assigned; it will help you for the quizzes and exams.
  • Make sure to read assignments before hand, in case you have to take pictures for any creative aspect that may be involved.

Josh's description of the EDGE experience:
The EDGE semester is an experience in itself. As a student in the traditional classroom the student and faculty relationship is not what it could be but in the EDGE semester the student will come to know the faculty and vice versa. The faculty and student relationship gained from the EDGE semester is significant because it allows for the faculty to provide letters of reference/recommendation. These letters are going to stand out because the professor has grown to known the student throughout the semester. This is significant when applying for practicums for PRTM 206/207. For example, I applied for three internships and received all three positions. Each interviewee told me I was offered the internship because I had a greater experience and understanding of the professional world. Two out of the three commented on my letters of reference. I would credit the fact I was offered all three practicums to the EDGE semester. Due to the fact I participated in the EDGE semester I stood out versus other candidates and my professors were able to get to know my strengths and weaknesses which helped me in the long run. Lastly, the EDGE semester is fun. I made many friends from the EDGE semester that I still see and talk to daily. It’s a great educational opportunity that we as future Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management professionals are lucky enough to be a part of.

Edie's personal experience with EDGE
During the EDGE semester I was able to attend the South Carolina Governors Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. At the conference I was able to network with professionals in the field of Travel and Tourism. We were able to attend workshops that taught us about networking using sites such as Flicker and Facebook, as well as visit different booths set up by numerous organizations promoting travel and tourism. During the time when we were in Myrtle Beach we also visited Brookgreen Gardens, North Myrtle Beach Aquatic and Fitness Center, Blackmoor Golf Course, Ocean Lakes Family Campground, and Myrtle Beach Department of Recreation, we were also able to stay at The Caravelle Resort. It was a tremendous opportunity to be able to actively learn and experience what we were learning during the EDGE semester. It was truly the best experience I have ever had during my college career at Clemson University.

Contact the EDGE SAB

Are you a current or future EDGE student and have a question or suggestion for the SAB that we haven't addressed on our FAQs page? Use this form to submit your question or suggestion. A member of the SAB will answer any submitted questions or pass any submitted sugestions along to the PRTM EDGE team at the next SAB meeting.


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