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PRTM EDGE in the news

Clemson students learn to wrangle park's equipment
February 2011
EDGE students caught the attention of the local newspaper on their three-day field trip to Aiken, SC to experience PRTM in the field.
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New PRTM curriculum boosts students experiences
Jan/Feb 2011
An article about EDGE, written by EDGE team member Bob Brookover, was featured in the Jan/Feb 2011 edition of HEHDlines.
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How will you lead?
Winter 2011
The EDGE program, along with EDGE team member Fran McGuire, were featured in the Winter 2011 edition of the Clemson World Magazine.
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Change and transformation: The best semester ever
August 17, 2010
Our EDGE faculty team member, Fran McGuire, delivered the keynote speech at the 2010 Clemson University Convocation during which he focused on PRTM EDGE.
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New Immersion Semester big-time experience for parks, recreation and tourism management sophomores
August 17, 2010
Clemson University Feature Story
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Two weeks in the life of a PRTM EDGE student

PRTM EDGE affords the freedom to break down the walls of the classroom and the constraints of a typical class schedule. As a result, the EDGE schedule changes week to week in order to maximize our "wherever, whenever, with whomever, and however" philosophy. Students receive weekly newsletters to update them on their schedule, assignments, and expectations for the coming week. Such a flexible schedule allows the EDGE semester to be nimble and adaptable.

Here's a sample of what an EDGE student may experience in two weeks.

Week 1
Week 1

One semester in the life of an EDGE content objective

PRTM EDGE strives for an authentic connection between students, faculty, and course material. EDGE students are enrolled in four core courses (PRTM 221, 222, 223, and 224), each with its own course objectives. Unlike a traditional semester where courses are separated and course objectives are constrained to their corresponding course, the course objectives of the EDGE semester are not bound by their courses, allowing students to learn and understand the interrelationships of the core content of their field. One EDGE course objective will be experienced in a variety of modalities (lectures, small group work, individual assignments, readings, journal entries, field trips and so on) and in relation to a variety of other objectives from any of the EDGE courses. In this way, students do not learn material as isolated units but as an integrated whole.

To illustrate this experience, we introduce you to course objective #1 of PRTM 221. This objective reads: “Demonstrate an understanding of the roles, interrelationships, and use of diverse delivery systems addressing recreation, park resources, and leisure.” Basically, we aim for students to understand the public, private, and non-profit delivery systems and their effect on programming, administration, and legal aspects of PRTM. Below you’ll see an excerpt of this objective’s life during EDGE and the variety of ways in which students will interact with this objective during the semester.

Idea Life