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HEHDlines - Summer 2011

HEHD researchers Lyndon Larcom, Ph.D. & Julie Eggert, Ph.D., study data on the anti-cancer effects of berries and extracts from them.Healthcare Genetics Battles Cancer with New therapies

Despite President Nixon's declaration of a war on cancer and his goal of having a cure by 2000, in 2010 there still has been little progress in reducing the incidence of cancer or of developing effective cures. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can have devastating effects both physically and emotionally. All too frequently, these treatments fail to result in a real cure, even though they do increase survival time. The goal of our cancer research group in Clemson’s interdisciplinary healthcare genetics program is to identify naturally occurring compounds that will destroy cancer cells, reduce their ability to spread, increase the effectiveness of currently used therapies and/or enhance the body’s ability to reject cancer. more

Since 2007, an interdisciplinary team led by the University’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) has been working on a vision and a plan to connect these scattered park researchers, managers and supporters into a cohesive network called the Open Parks Grid.Creating a Catalyst for Stewardship

There are more than 108,000 parks and protected areas worldwide. These areas are essential to the overall health and quality of life for people and the environment. Currently, there is no publicly accessible or centralized catalog of materials held by parks, and there is no clear or easy way for managers to connect with other managers or park researchers to solve problems or direct research. And This is where the College of HEHD Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management steps in. more

/render/file.act?path=/hehd/news/hehdlines/10oct/images/prtm-recreation-leisure-affect-individuals1.jpgHope Remembered

Janette was seeking for hope; hope that their children could find fun, friendship, and happiness. Camp Hope at Clemson University's Outdoor Lab filled those hopes for her two sons, Greg and Bobby Wilson. Both have attended Camp Hope for more than 30 years, forming memories and friendships that will always be remembered. more | Listen to Mrs. Wilson speak about finding Camp Hope

Advanced Program Planning Class Engaged by SunshineAdvanced Program Planning Class Engaged by Sunshine

a group from the PRTM 455 Advanced Program Planning class was tasked with developing appropriate activities for the campers. The were put in contact with Leslie Conrad and Thomas Martin of the Clemson University Outdoor Lab. They were extremely helpful right from the beginning in what their expectations were of the students and what Camp Sunshine was all about. There were no winners and losers, no first or second place. more

Clemson Flag flies high about Al Asad IraqClemson Flag flies high about Al Asad Iraq

An autographed Clemson flag was recently presented to Sgt. Freddy Wojtowski by Jack Leggett, Clemson Baseball coach, Dr. Brett Wright, PRTM department chair and former National Park Service Director, Fran Mainella.  The flag was autographed by Leggett, Dabo Swinney and Brad Brownell. more

PRTM grad student gains real world experiencePRTM grad student gains real world experience

To enrich her student experience, Carla Mora-Trejos moved out of the books and immersed herself in a “Real World” application of what she learns in school by taking an internship with the U.S. Forest Service in Idaho and another one with the Park Service in Tennessee. more

Taking the lead in supporting SC's futureTaking the lead in supporting SC's future

As many of you have heard, on August 27, 2010, Clemson announced The Will to Lead, a campaign to raise more than $600 million by July 2012. The money raised will ensure our students are offered the best education and the best college experience possible. It will also help Clemson forge ahead as one of the country’s top public research universities. more



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