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Interdisciplinary Research Innovations

One of Clemson’s priorities for the future focuses on building world-class research and educational programs that address 21st century challenges. HEHD is recognized on campus for innovation and willingness to influence change. Thus, the purpose of HEHD Interdisciplinary Research Innovations is to realize our College vision and mission through the strengths of our faculty, staff and students.

Proposals submitted for potential funding must show innovative thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, potential for significant impact, and have the capacity to substantively change traditional systems and organizations.  The outcome for these systemic transformations is to serve as a basis for external funding from major sponsors.

Funded 2014-2015

Therapeutic Yoga to Improve Function in Parkinson’s disease: A Randomized Pilot Study. 
Marieke Van Puymbroeck, Brent Hawkins, Julia Sharp, Dr. Woschkolup, Dr. Kopera, Nikki Stafford, Travis Gawler, Mary Peggy Ambler, Arlene Schmid

Using System Dynamics Approach to Identify Optimal Interventions for Prediabete: Benefit and Cost. 
Liwei Chen, Amin Khademi

Impact of Total Engagement Model on Elderly with ADRD and Their Caregivers. 
Lingling Zhang, Cheryl Dye, Ye Luo, Mary Anne Taylor

Identifying Measures and Exploring Correlates of Positive Youth Development in Low-Income, Rural and Urban Adolescents. 
Edmond Bowers, Lincoln Larson, Natallia Sianko, Paula Watt

Funded 2013-2014

Developing Computational Thinking through Applications Programming.
Matt Boyer, Danielle Herro, Christina Gardner-McCune

Dancing in Virtual Environments: Exploring Embodied Learning in Support of Computational Thinking (DIVE) *Formerly the Dancing
Alice Project .  Alison E. Leonard, Shaundra B. Daily, Sophi Jorg, Sabarish Babu

WATCH- Workshop for Actively Thinking Computationally and Historically: Social Studies teachings, South Carolina history and Mobile app development. 
LaGarrett J. King, Christina Gardner-McCune, Penelope M.D. Vargas 

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness among Male College Students to Reduce Alcohol Misuse and Sexual Aggression: Developing a Low-Cost Tool.
Lu Shi, Kelly C. Smith, Kip Kingree, Martie P. Thompson

*Scholarly Research Activities Associated with 2013 Innovative Research Grants

Funded 2012

Network Enhancement to Improve School and School/Community Dynamics.
Russ Marion, Sarah Griffin, Curtis Brewer, Hans Klar

Using Virtual Reality To Foster Healthy Dietary And Physical Activity Behaviors Among Minority Women.
Veronica Parker, Nancy Meehan

Investigating Local Sustainable Environmental Perspectives of Kenyan Community Members, Teachers, and Students.
Cassie Quigley, Megan Che, James Dogbey, Jeff Hallo

Clemson Equine-Assisted Therapy (CLEAT) for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Joseph B. Ryan, Lynne Cory

Parks, Protected Areas, and Health in the United States: A Multilevel Study.
Khoa Truong, Robert Powell, Elizabeth Baldwin, Robert Baldwin, Ruopeng An

A Prospective Study of Resuscitative Outcomes at a (downtown) Greenville SC hospital using Connect care versus the Zoll CodeNet device.  John Whitcomb, Khoa Truong, Alexey Vertegel

Scholarly Activities Associated with 2012 HEHD Innovative Research Grants

Funded 2011

The Effect of Natural Red Raspberry on the Prevention of Cognitive Impairments in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. 
Julia Eggert, Veronica Parker, Chin-Fu Chen, DeWayne Moore, Devena Alston, Lyndon Larcom, Patricia Tate, Ran He

Development of a Pediatric Virtual Patient System to Enhance Nurse Interviewing Skills. 
Arlene Johnson, Nancy Meehan, Larry Hodges

Student Success, Community Enhancement and University Service: An Upstate Promise Neighborhood Model. 
Roy Jones, Fran McGuire, Kellye Rembert, Suzanne Rosenblith, Jay Smink, Katherine Cason, Fran Mainella, Veronica Parker, Dorothy Schmalz

Parks and Protected Areas as Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future: Investigating the Relationship Between Social Conditions, Human Health and Ecological Structure. 
Robert Powell, Elizabeth Baldwin, Robert Baldwin, David White, Scott Hammel, Steve Trombulak

Early Childhood Obesity Prevention and Healthy Living Network: Research and Demonstration Project. 
Dolores Stegelin, Denise Anderson, Karen Kemper, William Brown, Robert Barcelona

An Innovative Approach to Estimating Inter-generational Burden of Maternal Drinking. 
Khoa Truong, Maria Mayorga, Hugh Spitler, Odette Reifsnider, April Venable

Network Enhancement to Improve School and School/Community Dynamics. 
Russ Marion, Curtis Brewer, Hans Klar, Sarah Griffin, Rosanne Pruitt, Deborah Falta, Jackie Gillespie, Deborah Smith, Kelly Smith

Scholarly Activities Associated with 2011 HEHD Innovative Research Grants